Android 10 Arrives To The OnePlus 7 Series As Well, But Only In Beta


A member of OnePlus' customer support team confirmed that Android 10 will arrive to the OnePlus 7 series on September 3. He said that the two phones will get it the same day Google's Pixel phones do.

He was right, kind of. Android 10 is now rolling out to the OnePlus 7 series (the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro), but we're not looking at a stable build here. The two phones are receiving Android 10 in a beta form.

The company has made OxygenOS Open Beta 1 available for the two phones. If you're running Android Q Developer Preview 4 or Developer Preview 5 on your phone, you'll get this update via WiFi (OTA).


This is not a stable build

This is not a stable build of Android 10 for the two phones, but it does bring them one step closer to it. OnePlus was Google's partner when it comes to Android Q Developer Preview builds, and Open Beta builds are the closest thing to a stable build we've gotten up to this point. A stable build cannot be far away at this point.

The company notes that some applications may have compatibility issues if you install this update. System lag and stability issues are also a possibility, but are market with "low probability" by OnePlus.

You need to have at least 30-percent of battery before you go ahead and install this update. OnePlus also notes that you should leave at least 3GB of storage free as well.


If you are not running Developer Preview 4 or 5 on your device, and would like to flash this update, you can do that as well. Detailed instructions are available in OnePlus Forums, you can access those via a link in the second paragraph.

This update brings tons of changes

Now, as far as the changelog is concerned, there's much to cover here. This update bring a UI design refresh. On top of that, it enhances location permissions for privacy.

You will also be able to choose icon shapes in Settings thanks to a new customization feature. New full screen gestures are also available in this build. Inward sipes from left or right edge have been added (back action), as well as a bottom navigation bar for app switching. In other words, Google's new full screen gestures.


A "Game Space" feature has also been added. It basically joins all your favorite games in one place for easier access. Smart Display is also a part of this update.

It offers "intelligent info" based on specific times, locations, and events for Ambient Display. You will also be able to block spam SMS messages in this build.

That is more or less everything OnePlus highlighted, though there are more changes you will notice. We're still not sure when the final build will arrive, but we're hoping that OnePlus will wrap it up within a month.