Amazon Now Offers 'Music HD' With Higher Quality Audio

Amazon Music HD

Amazon Music HD is here to up the quality of your streaming music through the e-commerce giant.

The new service, aptly titled Amazon Music HD, is now available for all US consumers, as well as consumers in Japan, the UK, and Germany.

For now these are the only regions where the new streaming music option will be launching. However, Amazon likely plans to release it in other regions eventually.


Prime members save on the cost of Amazon Music HD

Amazon is making it so that Prime membership subscribers will pay less for Music HD, Adding to the already decently-sized list of Prime benefits.

The regular retail cost of the service every month will be $14.99. So, you don’t have to be a Prime member to have access. If you do subscribe to Prime though, you’ll only pay $12.99 so you end up saving a couple of bucks.

Naturally, this will just be a $5 increase for those who are already subscribing to the $10 monthly Amazon Music plan without prime, and a $3 increase with Prime.


The service offers access to HD and UHD audio

If you subscribe to the new HD version of the music streaming service, you will get access to both HD and UHD audio. All for the same monthly price no less.

There are a few notable differences here. First, both offer lossless audio, the UHD content will just be the highest quality of the two options.

If you listen in HD, you’ll get access to over 50 million songs, and audio will be “more than double the bitrate of standard streaming services” as it can be up to 850 kbps. It also includes a bit depth of 16-bit and a 44.1 kHz sample rate.


The UHD option meanwhile, will provide a bitrate of up to 3730 kbps, a bit depth of 24-bit, and a sample rate of 192 kHz.

UHD may not include the full song library

That’s quite the jump in quality from the HD option to the UHD option. Something to keep in mind though, is that this option may not include Amazon’s full library of songs.

According to the main page for Amazon Music HD, the comparison breakdown only lists “millions of songs” for UHD audio, where HD strictly states “50+ million songs.”


This sort of distinction probably isn’t there for no reason, and probably means that not all songs in the full library can be streamed in the UHD quality. If you’re keen on trying this out, there’s good news. You get a free trial for 90 days if you’re a new subscriber.

If you already subscribe to Amazon Music, then the company is letting you essentially upgrade to the High Definition version at no additional monthly cost for 90 days. Which means you pay the standard $9.99 cost for the first three months.