The $200 Echo Studio Is Made For Audiophiles

amazon echo studio

Amazon just made a high-end Echo speaker, that is made for audiophiles. It’s the Echo Studio, and it is already up for pre-order, though the exact date that it’ll be available has not yet been shared.

One of the more common complaints with the Echo smart speakers has been the sound quality. Amazon is seeking to change that with the Echo Studio.

This is a high-end smart speaker from Amazon with Alexa built-in, and it’s going to be incredible.


Dolby Atmos and 3D audio are supported

Need to see why this is meant for audiophiles? Look no further.

The Echo Studio supports Dolby Atmos and its 3D audio, which is going to provide some really incredible sound.

Obviously, the Amazon Music HD announcement last week was a pre-cursor to the Echo Studio announcement today.


Inside the Echo Studio, there are five drivers that will deliver powerful sound, which includes three midrange speakers, a tweeter and a woofer. This is going to give you some really good bass, and some great mids and highs.

Amazon is also working with Sony, Universal and Warner Music to get more tracks that will support 3D audio. As it stands right now, there’s not many that do.

But Dolby says that there will be “hundreds” of tracks available by the end of this year, with plenty more coming in 2020.


At $199, the Echo Studio is a steal

The Echo Studio is twice the price of a regular Echo smart speaker, big surprise there. But even at $199, this is a pretty compelling speaker. Especially if you are even the slightest audiophile.

As this is going to provide you with some really great sounding audio, and of course, there’s still Alexa built-in. Not to mention there’s multi-room audio available on Alexa, meaning that you can pair this with a few other Echo smart speakers and even the Echo Sub that it announced last year, for a really awesome stereo system.

The Amazon Echo Studio is available for pre-order today, as we mentioned already, but there’s no word on when exactly it’s going to be available.