You Can Now Wear Alexa With Amazon's Echo Frames & Echo Loop

Amazon Frames Loop 1

Amazon announced a number of new products today, including Alexa devices you can wear.

Echo Frames are a pair of glasses, while Echo Loop is a ring.

Both Echo Frames and Echo Loop are only available to buy in limited quantities and require an invitation to purchase. The reason for this is these are early-stage products. Or As Amazon calls them, ‘day one’ products. As part of the purchase, buyers might be asked for feedback on their experience.


Echo Frames puts Alexa in front of your eyes

Echo Frames are not your typical pair of glasses. Instead, they are glasses that come with Alexa built-in.

Echo Frames with Alexa
Echo Frames with Alexa

When worn, users can ask Alexa many of the usual commands and there’s also a tiny speaker for personal feedback. Amazon says the speaker is just loud enough for you to hear and not the rest of the world.

Different to Google Glass, Echo Frames are not designed to be too tech-heavy. This has allowed Amazon to produce lightweight glasses that are comparable to normal glasses. Speaking of which, Echo Frames are also “compatible with most prescription lenses.”


Echo Frames are priced at $179.99 in the U.S. However, you can’t just buy them from the website. You need to request an invitation from Amazon.

What’s more, the number of invitations are limited.

Alexa at your fingertips, literally

Along with Frames, Amazon also announced Echo Loop today. Echo Loop is a titanium smart ring that places Alexa at your fingertips.


Echo Loop comes with a small button that when pressed activates the listening feature. The user can either put their finger near the mouth to issue commands or the ear to hear responses.

Amazon Echo Loop 01
Echo Loop with Alexa

In addition, Echo Loop also features haptic feedback. This is designed to provide notifications discreetly.

Echo Loop is priced at $129.99 in the U.S. Like Amazon Frames, Echo Loop is also only sold by invitation.


Alexa in everything

Echo Frames and Echo Loop were only two of the devices Amazon announced today. Highlighting the wide variety of products Amazon is finding a voice assistant use for.

For example, the company also announced Echo Flex. This is a new plug-in smart speaker that brings Alexa to any room without additional wires. Then there was the company’s Alexa-enabled true wireless earbuds, Echo Buds. As well as the Alexa Smart Oven  – a fairly self-explanatory product.

This is all without mentioning the latest Echo speakers and Show smart displays. All of which were also announced today.