Amazon & Anker Announce New Fire TV Edition Nebula Soundbar


Amazon has a new Alexa soundbar for you to consider.

Amazon announced a new soundbar, the Nebular Soundbar, as part of the company's IFA 2019 event.

Although this is a Fire TV-powered soundbar, it is not a first-party product. Instead, it is the result of a collaboration with Anker. In other words, it is a 'Fire TV Edition' product.


The Nebular Soundbar also represents the first time the Fire TV Edition line has moved beyond traditional TVs.

Amazon & Alexa the latest soundbar race runner

When it comes to TV-based hardware, Amazon is usually at the forefront of the device race. However, the Nebular Soundbar actually arrives after a number of similar products.

For example, it was only today that Roku announced its Roku Smart Soundbar. While Google with the help of JBL released the JBL Link Bar in July.


All of these products are identical in the sense that they look to provide an all-in-one audio and streaming solution. The main difference is the OS in use. The Nebular Soundbar relies on Fire TV OS, while the Roku Smart Soundbar draws on Roku OS. As to be expected, Google and JBL's solution employs the help of Android TV.

Just one of many new Amazon Fire TV products coming

While the Nebular Soundbar is an interesting device on its own, it is only a small part of the wider Fire TV announcements made today.

For example, Amazon also announced a new and upgraded Fire TV cube. This was in addition to a whole host of new Fire TV Edition TVs.


Most of the products announced today are destined for Europe – which makes sense considering they were announced at IFA. However, the Fire TV Cube and at least one new Fire TV Edition TV will arrive in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

All the usual Amazon features included

The Nebular Soundbar comes with all the usual trappings one might expect from Amazon. For example, Alexa voice control is a given and further improved on compared to previous Fire TV devices. Adding to this, there's also 4K, multi-room speaker support, and more.

In terms of availability, the Nebular Soundbar is due to begin shipping out to U.S. buyers starting from November 21. In the meantime, the new Alexa soundbar can already be pre-ordered from Amazon.


The Nebular Soundbar is priced at $229.99 in the U.S. This makes it slightly cheaper than the JBL Link Bar but more expensive than the Roku Smart Soundbar.