Alleged Xperia 2 Flagship Appears; Sony Teases New Phone Launch


Sony had introduced the Xperia 1 flagship back in February. That device was first to feature a 21:9 display aspect ratio, and it seems like its successor, the Xperia 2, just appeared.

If you take a look at the gallery down below, you will see several real-life images of Sony’s upcoming flagship. At least that’s what Xperia Blog says, a site which was first to share these images.

Will it be called the Xperia 2?

The device in these pictures also comes with a 21:9 display aspect ratio, as it’s really tall and narrow. The source does not mention the “Xperia 2” name specifically, but this could easily be that handset. The source did mention that this is a “flagship” phone, so it’s either the Xperia 2, or a new variant of the Xperia 1.


This smartphone is obviously made out of metal and glass. It has three cameras on the back, and those three cameras protrude quite a bit. They are placed in the top-left corner of the phone’s back side.

Sony’s logo is visible on the back of this phone, while a fingerprint scanner is placed on the right-hand side of the device. Judging by this, we’re looking at a regular capacitive fingerprint scanner here.

The device’s back is not curved, but its sides are, a bit, so that it’s a better fit for your hand. It seems like the phone will not include a display notch, nor a display hole. Its front-facing camera and earpiece are clearly visible above the display. We’ll probably get rather thin bezels above and below the display, instead of notches and display holes. This is a similar approach as with the Xperia 1, in fact.


The phone’s volume up, volume down, and power / lock buttons will be located on the right. The fingerprint scanner will sit in between those buttons, and an additional physical key will sit on this side. We’re talking about a dedicated camera shutter, which will be placed lower on the right side.

Its specifications are a mystery

This phone’s specifications are quite a mystery at this point. No information surfaced, but Sony is expected to launch new hardware at IFA 2019. The company has a press conference scheduled for September 5 at 1PM CEST.

Sony is no stranger to launching flagship phones at IFA. In fact, the company has been launching flagship devices at IFA for as long as we can remember.


Based on that, the same will probably happen this year as well. It’s quite odd we did not see more leaks and info regarding the upcoming flagship, though.

In fact, the company released a video teaser on Instagram quite recently. The company teased the “Xperia excellence in the palm of your hand”. This sounds like a compact smartphone, but the device shown in these images is not exactly “palm of your hand” phone, it seems to be quite large. Is Sony planning to launch two phones? Well, it’s possible, we’ll just have to wait and see.