Alexa Can Now Cook Your Food Thanks To This Amazon Smart Oven

Amazon Smart Oven 1

Alexa now has the power to cook your food thanks to the Amazon Smart Oven.

During today’s Fall event, the company officially announced the new kitchen appliance as part of its 2019 product lineup. Alongside it, Amazon also announced things such as the Echo Studio and the third-gen Echo with better sound.

The Amazon Smart Oven is the Instant Pot of ovens

Amazon’s new Smart Oven is packed with functional uses. It’s basically the Instant Pot of ovens.


Putting the Alexa capabilities aside for a moment, the Smart Oven does a whole lot more than just talk to you.

It’s a combination microwave, convection oven, air fryer, and food warmer, all wrapped up into a neat package that only takes up as much space as a common household microwave.

The goal here, it seems, is giving people the tools to live smarter lives, including in the kitchen.


Smarter than your average microwave

With Alexa compatibility, the Amazon Smart Oven will offer a range of features. According to Amazon one of those will be the ability to scan food packages and have the cooking instructions transported to the oven.

This certainly won’t replace the quality that comes out of cooking your own food from scratch. It will however add a level of convenience that might be too good to pass up. Once packaged food instructions are preloaded onto the oven, you merely have to press the start button and let the oven do its thing.

Amazon Smart Oven 2
Alexa scanning food packaging

You can also just tell Alexa to cook something. If it’s a common food item, it’ll be something the oven already knows how to cook. This is thanks to Amazon’s extensive testing, and the oven’s list of presets. The oven even tells you when to stir food if it’s needed.


It’ll announce when the food is done, too, but standard microwaves and ovens already do this using the most high-tech equipment; a beep.

Pre-orders start today and the Smart Oven will cost $250

The official price tag for the device is $250, and Amazon is starting pre-orders later today. It hasn’t announced the pre-orders would go live or when the Smart Oven would ship.

Chances are it will want the device to arrive in time for the holidays, though, so don’t expect too long of a wait. The pre-order will also come with a free Echo Dot. If you don’t already have an Echo of any kind, this is a steal.



Pre-orders for the Amazon Smart Oven are now live, and the device will ship on November 14.

Amazon Smart Oven - Amazon - $249.99