You Can Play The Gears Of War Funko POP Game This Thursday


You can play the Gears Of War Funko POP game this Thursday if you've been waiting to take it for a test drive.

The official Gears POP! Twitter has confirmed the game's release date as of this morning, having made the announcement for its launch official during the Inside Xbox Gamescom press conference.

Microsoft's Gears Of War series is a popular one. Earlier this year it announced a Gears Of War Funko POP game coming to mobile devices called Gears POP!


Shortly after its announcement the game went up for pre-registration on Google Play, allowing players to be notified when the game was ready to download.

You Can Pre-Register For The Game Right Now

If you've not yet pre-registered, doing so is recommended if you're interested in this game. While the official launch date is set for August 22, there's always the chance it will release early.

In fact it happens more often than you'd think. Bandai Namco's recent Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare arrived on Google Play in the US back on July 31. The company's press release for its launch went out on August 6.


August was likely the initial launch window that was planned, but the game was released early. People were able to find out about it because of pre-registration. Naturally, the launch may hit right on target. The possibility of being alerted to an early launch however, is nothing to shake your fist at.

Gears POP! Is A Strategy Game With A Bit Of A Collection Mechanic

Gears POP! is a strategy game. At least, that's how it's categorized on Google Play. There are probably quite a few strategy elements to the gameplay, but there's also a bit of a collection mechanic mixed in there.

One of the key components to the game is being able to collect your favorite Gears Of War characters. The promo screenshots on Google Play even highlight this feature. Stating that you can "collect charming Gears characters" and "mix n' match powerful units."


When it comes to how the game feels when you play it, judging by the short trailer it's similar to Clash Royale. Players will be able to face off against other real players.

The ultimate goal of victory and "better rewards" will be too tempting for some to pass up. Should players feel like they need practice, the game even offers up an AI training mode of sorts.

Letting you test your new squad combinations out on opponents that are powered by artificial intelligence will be great for practice. If you're eager to get a head start, the wait is almost over.