VR Fitness Title BoxVR is Free This Weekend on Steam

BOXVR cover

BoxVR is free to play this weekend on Steam, owing to a celebration of Labor Day and all that entails. With many entering into a long weekend off work, BoxVR is a great way to work out in the comfort of your home without heading to a gym or burning up in the hot outdoor weather that many locations still experience at this time of the year.

What’s great is that you won’t have to sacrifice the social aspect of fitness as you might be able to experience in a gym or with a workout group since BoxVR also offers a social fitness-focused experience. BoxVR takes a typical boxing-style workout and combines it with the rhythm and movement of music, creating a more fun workout experience.

Would you rather work alone or work with a personal trainer instead? BoxVR also offers these types of experiences and marries a number of different types of workouts in a single cohesive experience. In fact, BoxVR is intended to replace some of your weekly and daily workout routines with a more convenient, less time-consuming way of working out too. Just strap on your favorite VR HMD, including the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and Rift S, or any number of SteamVR-powered HMDs like the HTC Vive or Valve Index, and get working out without having to travel somewhere or get equipment set up.


Folks who end up enjoying the experience can also pick up BoxVR for 35% off this weekend, and any progress made during the free weekend will carry over to the purchased game without the hassle of some annoying migration process.

FitXR, the company behind BoxVR, has also released the results of a survey focused on personal fitness preferences. Regarding the social aspect of working out, 43% of respondents stated that social fitness motivated them to do their best, while 36% said social fitness keeps them accountable while working out. 32% said they prefer social fitness because it helps them meet people, which is certainly a bit part of crossfit-style gyms and workouts.

But scheduling time to work out is difficult, and that’s something this survey directly addressed as well. 60% of respondents reported that they schedule “regular” workouts, with 30% saying they workout daily. It’s no surprise that only 30% can find time for a workout regimen every single day, and it’s because our lives are just so busy these days. Between regular work schedules, family time, and plenty of other distractions in our lives, carving out a block of time every single day just to workout is a more daunting task than most people would prefer to deal with.


We’ve seen a big uptick in VR games that keep players active, and many that are specifically designed to get users to exercise on a more regular basis. If you could work out more effectively without driving to a gym or your favorite hiking spot every day, it might just help more people work out on a regular basis.

If you’d like to give BoxVR a try and have a PC-powered VR HMD, head on over to the Steam store page for BoxVR and download it between Thursday, August 29 at 10am PT through Sunday, September 1 at 1pm PT. Don’t forget that FitXR is also offering 35% off BoxVR from Thursday 29th August, 10am Pacific time and end on Monday 2nd September, so a bit of extended time from just the free weekend offer.