Urbanears Launches Slick New Colors For Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones


Urbanears has launched a series of slick new colors for its popular Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones.

The new colors will be available this Fall and specifically from September. Once they launch there will be three new colors to look out for.

The new colors are Paper Beige, Cherry Brown, and Icon Blue. The current colors are Indigo, True White, Dark Grey, Powder Pink, Tomato, and Black.


Fall Collection Colors Drop At The End Of September

As this is a Fall collection of new colors, they'll be available at the end of September. Urbanears says that each new colors will be available to purchase in retails stores on September 25.

This means wherever you've seen Urbanears headphones before should have these in stock. That being said you'll still want to check with that particular retailer to be sure.

As for the cost, the price of these new colors will be the same as the currently available Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones, which is $99.


New Brand Campaign Highlights Fresh New Colors

A color refresh is a good way to keep the headphones interesting to consumers. But for Urbanears it's not just about offering new color options.

In fact the additional colors are simply part of it. The Fall collection of Plattan 2 is launching alongside a new brand-campaign that Ubranears is calling 'Born To Be Heard.'

This new brand campaign "takes inspiration from a few statement making individuals who are unapologetically themselves." This is according to Urbanears' Acting Global Brand Communication Manager Ida Holmen.


The nameĀ Born To Be HeardĀ then, seems fitting, as Urabnears hails itself as an audio lifestyle brand driven by progressive values.

Minimalist Design Yet Still Functional

Keeping with the overall theme of Urbanears brand, the new Plattan 2 colors are minimalist in design yet still functional.

They have an ergonomic fit with an on-ear style, with no extra bells and whistles like RGB lighting or sharp lines. As for the functional side of things, the control knob makes switching between tracks and adjusting the volume rather easy.


The headphones even offer over 30 hours of battery life on a single charge, which means you won't have to worry about plugging them in for days.

The design is also collapsible to make them capable of folding up for easy packing. This makes them perfect for everyday use and travel as they won't take up too much space. While the new colors won't be available until the end of next month, you can already grab the other colors on Amazon.

Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones - Amazon - $70-$80