Upgrade To A Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB For $599

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Rakuten is currently blowing out refurbished Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB models, dropping the price down to just $599. That is a pretty insane deal. Considering the Galaxy S10 Plus comes with 128GB of storage for about $999 normally. It’s being sold by BuySPRY and listed at $699. But if you sign in (or create a free account) and use the promo code BUY100, you can get another $100 off of the regular price. That drops it down to just $599.

The Galaxy S10 Plus comes with 512GB of storage – this model does anyways. And it also has a micro SD card slot that can support up to 1TB of additional space. Giving you plenty of space for all of your files.

Internally, you’ll also find the Snapdragon 855 chipset with 8GB or 12GB of RAM (the ceramic models come with 12GB, the others have just 8GB of RAM). There is also a large 6.4-inch Quad HD+ resolution OLED display on the front, that’s going to keep you pretty entertained when watching movies and such.


Finally, rounding out the specs, there is a 4100mAh capacity battery inside that should keep the phone running all day. It does not have fast charging, it charges at about 2A. But there is wireless charging.

This is one of the best smartphones that you can pick up right now. And seeing as you’re getting a boatload of storage for just $599, it’s going to be hard not to grab this one. It’s going to make for a really good phone to take back to school this year.

Now, this is the international version, and it should work with GSM networks in the US, without issues. However, if you are on Sprint or Verizon, you may have some issues. So you’ll want to check out this model number (which is G975F) and see what bands it covers.


You can pick up the refurbished Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB from Rakuten by clicking here.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB - Rakuten - $599