Ulefone T2 Performance Shown In New Video, Gaming Included


Following the Ulefone T2 camera-focused promo video that company released yesterday, another one has dropped. This time around we're checking out the Ulefone T2 performance.

The Ulefone T2 is one of the company's newest smartphones. The device is equipped with the Helio P70 SoC, and plenty of RAM. So, it should offer good performance, right? Well, yes, according to Ulefone's video.

Ulefone ran several benchmarking tests on the Ulefone T2

This promo video is embedded below the article, and it has a duration of over two minutes. The first thing Ulefone did is run AnTuTu. This benchmarking tool reported a score of 143,492 points for the Ulefone T2, which is expected considering its CPU.


Ulefone also decided to run the 3D Mark benchmark, in which the phone score 1,391 points. Geekbench 4 was also thrown in the mix, and the Ulefone T2 managed to score 1,506 points in the single-core category, and 5,699 points in the multi-core one. The Ulefone T2 also reported an AI benchmark score of 2,838.

Ulefone continued showing off the Ulefone T2 performance by launching various applications on the device. The phone had no issues in that regard, it loaded up all apps with ease.

If you're a gamer, Ulefone made sure to show off some gaming on the Ulefone T2 as well. The first game Ulefone ran is Arena of Valor. The game ran really well, and the same can be said for PUBG, which followed. That is pretty much everything Ulefone showed in this video.


The Ulefone T2 is made out of metal and glass. It features two cameras on the back, along with a dual-LED flash. A fingerprint scanner is also placed on the back of this phone, as is Ulefone's logo.

The device includes a display notch on the front, and it's not exactly small nor largeā€¦ it's somewhere in-between. You will also notice a "chin" below the phone's display.

4,200mAh battery & 6GB of RAM

The Ulefone T2 features a 6.7-inch fullHD+ display, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The Helio P70 64-bit octa-core processor fuels the phone, while a 4,200mAh battery is included as well.


This phone supports 9V/2A fast wired charging, and 10W wireless charging. The Ulefone T2 also offers OTG reverse charging.

Face unlocking is also possible on this device, while Android 9 Pie comes pre-installed on it. An NFC chip is also included, and the device supports dual 4G LTE connectivity.

The Ulefone T2 is still available for pre-order at $269.99. Pre-orders will last until August 31 (including that day), and if you pre-order the device, you will get a free case and screen protector. You can also participate in Ulefone's giveaway, all the necessary links are included down below.


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