Top 8 Best Android Calculator Apps – 2019


We've published our list of the top back to school apps a couple of days ago, and now we're continuing in that fashion. This time around we're focusing on calculator applications. Calculator apps are probably in high demand now, as many of you will need them for schoolwork.

There are tons of various calculator applications available in the Play Store, and many good ones. We can't really list all of them, though, so we've settled for eight that we really like a lot over the years.

Do note that the provided Calculator apps are not listed in any specific order. Just because one app is placed above the other does not mean much. All of these apps are compelling in their own ways, so pick the ones you like the most and try them out.


Google Calculator

Google Calculator app image August 2019

Google's Calculator application is one of the more simpler ones on this list. That's not a bad thing at all. This is a very powerful calculator application, which also comes with really nice UI. The design of the app is flat, and navigating it is really easy. All basic calculation options are available, including some scientific operations. You can even choose between a light and dark theme in this application.


RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator app image August 2019

If you need something more advanced, RealCalc is a great option. RealCalc is one of the best scientific calculators in the Play Store. The design of this app is not flashy at all, in fact, it looks like a regular real-life scientific calculator. This calculator app will allow you to do basically all calculations that you'd expect. The app will also keep a history of your calculations, just in case you need to use it again or you forgot what the result was.



Stylish Calculator app image August 2019

Stylus Calculator aka CALCU if your regular calculator which offers a number of theming options. Most calculator applications in the Play Store are not customizable, which makes this app somewhat unique. This app allows you to change the background of the calculator you're using. Various themes are available in the app, while the app supports gesture controls. You can create user-defined constants in this app as well.


HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER Scientific Calculator app image August 2019

HiPER Scientific Calculator has the same purpose as RealCalc. This calculator brings all the advanced calculation options that you may need, and it does that in style. HiPER Scientific Calculator's UI looks really nice, and modern. This calculator has up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits of exponent. There are several layouts that you can use here, including pocket, compact, and expanded… depending on your device and preference.


Mobi Calculator

Mobi Calculator app image August 2019

Mobi Calculator is one of the best-rated calculator apps in the Play Store. This calculator is suitable for both simple and more complicated calculations. You can choose between a number of themes in this application, and there are no ads. The app is free despite that, and it comes with rather big buttons, so it's easy to use. Mobi Calculator also has really high accuracy, as it supports up to 30 digits.


All-In-One Calculator

All In One Calculator app image August 2019

All-In-One Calculator is both a calculator and a converter. This app comes with 75 different functions (both calculations and cover-related ones), while it also serves as a scientific calculator. You can convert currency using this app, while the same goes for units. Percentage calculations are also possible, and plenty more calculations. The app looks really nice and colorful, while it's completely free to use.



ClevCalc app image August 2019

ClevCalc is also a rather versatile calculator app. This app doesn't serve as a calculator only, it can convert units, currencies, discounts, and so on. This is also a GPA calculator, and an ovulation calculator, if that's something you need. There are tons more options included here, actually. The app serves as a regular calculator as well, with advanced options, and it keeps a history of your calculations (if you want).

Quickey Calculator

Quickey Calculator app image August 2019

Quickey Calculator is actually kind of unique as well. This app is meant to make some of your calculations even simpler, due to its design and key arrangement. There are a number of themes and color schemes that you can choose from here as well. Both regular and scientific calculator layouts are available in the app. It is also worth noting that the app can save your calculations, store them.