Never Lose Your Keys Again With A Tile Mate 4-Pack


We all lose our keys. Lose our wallets. Lose just about anything that's important to us. What if we told you that you could buy something that would ensure that you never lose your wallet or keys again? Well it's possible. And it's on sale right now.

We're talking about the Tile Mate.

The Tile Mate is a finder that you can attach to your keys, slide into your wallet, or even attach to your kids' backpack so you can see where they are at all times. This is the newer model, which has a replaceable battery, and that makes this a much more interesting purchase.


Right now, you can get this four-pack from Amazon for just $49.99. That's $20 off.

You might be thinking that the Tile Mate is too big to fit in your wallet. You're probably right.

That's why this four-pack actually comes with two Tile Mate and two Tile Slim finders. The Slim models can fit into your wallet, as it is almost as thin as a credit card.


With Tile and the Tile app, you can quickly pull up where the item that your Tile is attached to is. You can make it start ringing, which is great, as you can easily find it. Especially if it's in the cushions of your couch.

Tile can work the other way around too. So if you lost your phone, you can press the button on your Tile finder and it'll ring your phone. So you can keep track of your phone as well. It's really a big life-saver for a lot of people.

But one of the bigger hacks with a Tile finder, is the ability to attach it to your kids' backpack and you can see where they go after school, and see that they get home after school while you're still at work. That's big for those kids that are old enough to be left home alone after school, but you're still worried about them – because you're a parent after all.


You can pick up this Tile 4-pack from Amazon by clicking here.

Tile 4-Pack - Amazon - $49.99