TIDAL Users Can Now Share Videos To Instagram Stories

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TIDAL users are now able to share videos to their Instagram stories, the company revealed today.

The feature add is an attempt to make TIDAL a more social service. To that end, users who want to share a music track they particularly love can do so by throwing it up on their Facebook or Instagram stories.

Users are able to share content from TIDAL to both Facebook and Instagram. Some things share a little bit differently though, and videos are an example of this.


It’s possible to share a video from TIDAL to your Facebook story but it will show up as a still image. If you share it to your Instagram story however, it surfaces as a 15 second preview that people are able to watch.

Better Showcasing Content Became A Priority

TIDAL says it added this feature because it noticed that its members were already sharing content from the service quite a bit.

Highlighting these pieces of content became a priority for the company and it needed members to make that happen. What better way to do that then give members a feature that makes sharing easier? Through a social media feature that has become extremely popular no less.


People share stuff to their Facebook and Instagram stories constantly. So, TIDAL capitalized on this popularity and gave users more stuff to share.

TIDAL’s COO, Lior Tibon, says that assimilating into other popular apps was a must. A step it had to take in order to put its highly-shared content front and center as much as possible.

You Can Share Songs, Albums, Artists, & Playlists Too

Videos aren’t the only thing getting the share treatment. TIDAL is making it possible for users to share pretty much anything to their stories.


Songs, albums, artists, and playlists are all included. Just like with videos being shared to Facebook stories, all of these other pieces of content will be shared as still images. Both on Instagram and on Facebook.

Accessing these sharing options can be done from the three dot menu where sharing is currently found so that hasn’t changed. Which means sharing this stuff to your story for your friends to discover it is just as easy as before.

Anyone who subscribes to TIDAL will have access to share things to their Facebook and Instagram stories beginning today. The feature is also available on both Android devices and iOS devices, so there’s no waiting for it to appear on one platform or the other.