The Roku Channel Just Became A Lot More Kid-Friendly


The Roku Channel now has even more kids shows and content.

This week the company announced the introduction of a new and free Kids & Family section to The Roku Channel.

As the name suggests, the general idea here is to provide a space where families can access kid-friendly content, and only kid-friendly content.


Roku states the new section brings together a "combination of TV shows, movies, live linear, and short-form video." However, the extent to the collection may vary from account to account.

Not just free kids shows, but premium ones too

Roku already offers premium channel subscriptions through The Roku Channel. One of the benefits of the new Kids & Family section is it congregates relevant content from everywhere it can.

For example, HBO or Starz subscribers will see any kid-friendly content available through those premium channels showing up in the Kids & Family section. This is in addition to the free Roku kids shows and movies available.


This essentially makes the new Kids & Family section a one-stop content solution for younger viewers.

For now, the Kids & Family section is only accessible via Roku devices, the web version of The Roku Channel and "select Samsung smart TVs."

A safer viewing space for kids

One of the obvious Roku goals here is to create a safer space for younger users. However, the safety is not limited to only within the confines of the Kids & Family section.


For example, Roku also announced it is adding PIN-based playback controls to The Roku Channel.

This works much in the same way PIN-based controls work elsewhere by ensuring only those with the PIN can access content of a certain type of rating.

With this change in effect, parents will have the added security of knowing when a younger viewer does tread outside the ring-fenced content zone, there will be a secondary safety measure in place.


Roku continues to push forward

Roku might be better known for its players, but times are changing. Since the introduction of The Roku Channel, the company has seen an uptick in users and revenue.

Part of the reason was The Roku Channel's expansion beyond Roku devices. The Roku Channel can now be accessed via the web or on many other platforms, including Android.

Another reason The Roku Channel has started so strongly is its focus on free content. While users can opt to subscribe and pay for premium content, they don't have to. Instead they can rely on the ad-supported content that's free at the point of use.