The Gorgeous Ultra-Thin SimpliSafe Smart Lock Launches in September


The SimpliSafe Smart Lock is an incredibly gorgeous piece of equipment whose design is a far cry from the humble roots of the original SimpliSafe security system. Gone are those utilitarian looks and in is an ultra-sleek, ultra-thin smart lock that's not only the thinnest in the industry, it's also arguably one of the nicest looking smart home gadgets ever to make an appearance on the market.

Launching on September 15th for a mere $99, this 0.9-inch thick smart lock features a clear next-generation design that ties directly into that SimpliSafe security system that folks have been raving about for years. As a do-it-yourself product, SimpliSafe designed the Smart Lock to be an easy to install and configure product. Part of this design is the total integration with the rest of SimpliSafe's security solutions, which are designed to completely cover the home.

While SimpliSafe door sensors can be used to detect an open or closed door, the SimpliSafe Smart Lock can actually keep that door secured at all times and alert you when you forget to lock it. In fact, the Smart Lock can actually lock itself after 60-seconds, which will create a safe-haven even for the most forgetful of us out there.


And don't worry about getting locked out either. The SimpliSafe Smart Lock can be controlled via your smartphone or favorite virtual assistant or, if all else fails, the keypad on the outside of the door or even a physical key can be used as well.

There's also a certain peace of mind brought about by knowing that you can remotely check your home at any time, including video from SimpliSafe cameras or now, the lock on your front door as well.

As we've seen from other remote home security systems or smart locks, you'll be able to unlock the door remotely as well as lock it. This is particularly handy when a contractor comes over to work on something (like a broken A/C unit in the Summer), or after school when your kids get dropped off by the bus. Unique PIN codes can be generated for every member of the family, and guest PINs can also be created and deleted from the SimpliSafe app, giving you ultimate control over your front door security.


SimpliSafe is shipping the Smart Lock in Nickel, Cloud, and Obsidian colors, which should match most home's decor. It's also designed to keep your front door frame from being damaged by the deadbolt by only engaging the lock when the door is fully shut. That's a pretty sweet addition to match up with the rest of the security system.

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock can be used on its own, but makes the most sense when utilizing a whole-home SimpliSafe system, simply because the remote control features all require a subscription model to function correctly. Without the rest of the package, this becomes expensive quickly, but at $24.99 it's a good deal to go with the rest of the system and get professional monitoring thrown in at the same time.

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