Tencent Launches PUBG Mobile Lite With Lower Spec Requirements

PUBG MOBILE Lite Launch Banner

Yesterday, Tencent and PUBG Corp. launched PUBG Mobile Lite on Google Play. It's available in areas of Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and South America. It'll be coming soon to North America, Central America, and Europe too, although Tencent hasn't said when, exactly.

PUBG Mobile is an extremely popular game which easily took the Android platform by storm. Due to its recommended device specifications though, not everyone is capable of playing it. This didn't necessarily mean people couldn't play the game, but if they did it might not run as well. Players with phones that have lower specs no longer have to worry about that issue, thanks to PUBG Mobile Lite.

As this is a "lite" version of the game, the spec requirements are quite a bit lower. The game works with phones that have less than 2GB of RAM. In addition to that, the game only 490MB in size. Since the game takes up less space on the phone, players will have more room for other stuff.


The game's file size is not the only thing that's smaller. To fit within the lower spec requirements, the game map has been made smaller. Since the map is smaller, it will also fit less players. Now instead of 100, games will only include 60 players in total. Matches will also be shorter too, lasting just 10 minutes.

Although the map is smaller the game still includes many of the same features as the regular version of PUBG Mobile. It has quite a collection of new or updated features too. For starters, There's an enhanced aim-assist. This is tailored to players who may be connected to weaker internet, and when this is the case, the new auxiliary aim-assist will make aiming simpler.

The game's weapon recoil suppression is aimed at players with weak internet as well. With this in place, players should have better game control and have a better experience in the game, at least that is the intention behind this particular game feature.


Time to kill has also been updated. Tencent says that the time has been increased "appropriately" so players can be more aggressive without as much of a fear that they'll be taken down. Players shouldn't expect the time to kill to be a drastic increase, but it should allow for better survivability.

A variety of other improvements and new features have been included with PUBG Mobile Lite that may appeal to players. Things like location displays, the ability to heal while moving, and bullet trail adjustment are key focuses of this version of the game. Healing while moving in articular is one that should help players stay alive longer. The only position you can't heal in is while you're prone.

Other changes that players can look forward to are increased loot frequency so that the looting process is quicker, which is targeted at progressing the battle between players, as well as new weapon integration where players can experience new weapons (like an RPG) in select game modes.


For those that are able to download the game, Tencent says that PUBG Mobile Lite will offer rewards like new gear and vehicles to players that join the battle. If you're using a phone with high-end specs, you can grab the regular PUBG Mobile from Google Play.