Stadia Founder's Edition Is Almost Sold Out In "Some" Countries


Stadia Founder's Edition bundles are already almost sold out in "some" countries, but Google fails to mention which.

This is according to the Stadia team's Ray Bautista. He said as much during the Stadia Connect livestream that happened this morning.

If this feels like a little bit of a nudge to get you to buy, that's because it probably is. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, though.


Google wants to drive sales of the Founder's bundles so there are more people attached to the service when it launches this November.

As it should. It makes good business sense. Why mention the names of which countries the Stadia Founder's bundles are almost sold out in when you can probably drive more interest by not mentioning them at all?

Tailor Made To Drive Traffic To The Stadia Store Page

If Google were to tell you, the consumer, where the bundles are almost sold out, you may visit the site and you may not.


Think about it. If you knew your country was almost sold out of Founder's bundles and you have been wanting to purchase one, you might rush to the Google Store to pick it up.

Now think about Google's actual approach. It says that Stadia Founder's Edition bundles are almost sold out in some countries but doesn't say which ones.

If you've considered purchasing one, you're probably a lot more likely to punch the Stadia website into your browser now and check if they're all gone. Even if you don't buy the bundle that moment, Google succeeded in getting you to the website.


This might not translate to a sale. It's a lot less likely to though if you never visited the website in the first place. Therein lies a very possible reason for not telling consumers where the bundles are almost sold out.

There's No Way To Know If It's Almost Sold Out

If people want to know, they're probably going to check on their own since Google didn't offer up the information. The thing is, there's no way to know if the bundles are almost sold out.

Your country will either be sold out of Founder's Edition bundles or it won't. If it isn't, Google drove you to the website to double check and now that you're there, you may just add the bundle to your cart and check out, because you don't want to miss an opportunity. Spoiler: It's not sold out in the US yet.


This is a smart move on Google's part. People that want the bundle but may have been holding off could be more enticed to make the purchase if they're afraid of not being able to get one to use during launch time. Bravo, Google. Bravo.