Stadia Already Has More Day One Games Than PS4

Stadia 2

Google might be setting itself up for a successful launch of its cloud gaming service, as Stadia will now have more day one launch games than PS4.

When PS4 launched, it initially had 23 games available to play on day one. As it stands right now, Stadia has 29 games confirmed for day one access.

That’s six more games that Stadia Founders will be able to play than PS4 players had(unless we’re talking about Destiny 2, which will be free for Pro subscribers).


Stadia may not have any AAA exclusives to its name (not yet at least), but it is launching with a healthy first wave of games on release day.

This is an important factor that will no doubt help Stadia be well-received. Especially when considering that some of those games will be brand-new.

Exclusives Matter, But So Do Launch Titles

Exclusives are important for platforms to have. They’re not the end-all-be-all though. They do entice players to go with one platform over the other, even if it’s only for a short period of time as some people go with more than one platform.


Launch titles, though, mean that players who choose a specific platform will have good content to consume as soon as the platform is released.

For Stadia, having a bigger list than the most popular game console out there is an accomplishment. There’s also a really good chance that Google will add more games to the list for day one access.

It’s Not Just More Games On Day One, The Games Are Better

A big list of day one launch games is great. It certainly won’t hurt Stadia to have as many as it does. That being said, having a larger list of games to play on release day isn’t the only improvement over the PS4 launch.


The games which launch on release day for Stadia are also better overall than those launched on day one for the PS4.

There are more AAA, highly anticipated titles included (some new and some already available) which will be a good way for Stadia to increase excitement.

It’s worth keeping in mind that any games which have currently been confirmed for access on day one are subject to change.


If nothing changes though, Stadia Founders will have a good selection of games to choose from. This isn’t to say that Stadia will be more successful than PS4 at launch. In fact that’s highly unlikely. It plays in Stadia’s favor though.