This Discounted Pair Of Sony Headphones Are Incredible

sony wh xb700 deal AH

Amazon has the Sony WH-XB700 wireless headphones on sale for just $78 right now.

These are normally priced at $129. Making it a really great deal for those that are looking for a new pair of wireless headphones.

And with more and more smartphones ditching the headphone jack, this is a great time to pick up the WH-XB700 (though they could use a better name). Especially if you pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 10.


The Sony WH-XB700 are part of the company's EXTRA BASS lineup. This means that you're going to get plenty of bass out of these headphones. You will be able to adjust the bass too. So that if you are one that doesn't want a lot of bass, that can be changed. Which is definitely a good thing. But if you listen to a lot of Rap or Hip-Hop music, this is going to be a perfect pair of headphones to pick up.

These headphones also offer up some pretty incredible battery life, looking at about 30 hours of continuous playback. That's much better than the WH-1000X M3 that Sony also sells, and is about three times the price. Making it a really good deal.

But the reason why these offer such great battery life is because, there's no noise cancellation or ambient sound included here. Which is unfortunate, but you get what you pay for here.

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If noise cancellation is not a big deal for you, then these headphones are a really great purchase. As you're getting some great sounding audio, plenty of battery life and of course, it is also very comfortable to wear for many hours on end.

These are on-ear headphones, so they do feel much more comfortable on your head. Not to mention they are already pretty lightweight.

You can pick up the Sony WH-XB700 wireless headphones from Amazon by clicking here.


Sony WH-XB700 - Amazon - $78