Keep Your Home Clean With The $99 Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum

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Woot is discounting the Shark ION RV700 today, as one of its “Today’s Woot”. Which means that it is likely going to be sold out before the end of the day.

The Shark ION RV700 is currently priced at $99, that is a big discount from its regular price of $249. This is for a refurbished model, which would usually run you between $149 and $179. So still a really good deal for those looking for a robot vacuum.

This is not a super high-end vacuum, like what you’d expect from iRobot. Instead, this is a pretty low-end vacuum, but that doesn’t mean that it cut corners in its cleaning ability. No, instead it cut corners in its “smarts”. So instead of using your phone to control it (or Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with your voice), you get your own remote control to use.


The remote control is pretty easy to use, and still allows you to schedule when your vacuum is going to run, as well as having it run in general.

Shark does have two spinning brushes in the front, with a rotating one in the center underneath, which will suck up al of the dirt that is on the floor.

It does also have an array of sensors available on it, which will tell it where things are. Like the walls, the furniture and much more. So that you won’t have to worry about it damaging your furniture. It does not map out your home, so it will be going in a random direction. It will eventually get every part of the house clean, it might just take a little longer.


You can pick up the Shark ION RV700 robot vacuum from Woot by clicking here. This one is likely only going to be good today only, so you’ll want to grab it before it’s gone.

Shark ION RV700 Robot Vacuum - Woot - $99