Say: Share Together! The New Face of Video Chat Communication


Foreword: Social networking has come a long way since MSN Messenger days, Yahoo Chat, and Skype. Basic chat functionality was considered the ultimate form of real-time communication, complete with smiley faces and other exciting emojis. Truth be told, the rudimentary technology of yesteryear is now completely antiquated. The unprecedented growth of social media as the mainstream communication medium has ushered in an era of tremendous possibilities.

The pioneers of electronic chat communications were certainly onto something, and it almost worked. Unfortunately, many old school instant messaging options like ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, and MySpace IM, simply couldn't keep up with the disruptive operators intent on making social media connectivity as interactive, immersive, and engaging as possible. It's all about one thing, and one thing only: video communications.

Say Enters the Arena


It comes as no surprise that human beings are inherently drawn to video chat functionality. For starters, undoctored video chat serves as the perfect way to share news, updates, special moments, announcements, or simply to shoot the breeze. The value of video chat is evident in the personalized nature of the experience. It's so much more engaging than standard text messaging since it encompasses audio-visual elements, text, emoticons, banners, special effects and more. The video chat scene is peppered with many fine apps, including one of the most entertaining apps to make a splash: Say.

The name says it all – Say! We carefully reviewed this app against many leading competitors. It's a crowded space for a new entrant, but one which Say confidently occupies. The app is available at the Google Play Store, and already boasts 10,000+ installations worldwide. The developer, SAY LLC is based in New York, New York, and the company has impressive credentials as an up-and-coming force in the technology sector. It boasts a strong presence in the US, UK, UAE, India, and Spain, and its development teams are spearheaded by Chief Sayer, Brad Pelo.

What Does This Say App Do?


Say is all about video communications. More specifically, this app allows people to have authentic conversations in a fun-filled way. It is 100% secure to communicate with group members in real time, courtesy of an ironclad safety system which only permits invited members to participate in communications.

The app is geared towards maintaining relationships between people, and building relationships with people through authentic communications. Say realizes that people want more than text messaging when it comes to important connections. The impersonal nature of SMS messages, chat, and emojis warrants an altogether different approach in the form of video communications.

It's quick and easy to download the app, and once you're up and running, you can invite family members, friends, colleagues, and teamsters to join your group. The app is geared towards Android versions 6.0+, and is ideal for instant communications with group members. This means you don't have to schedule a powwow; you simply power up and chat with your group instantly.


Thanks to the video broadcast feature, it's easy to maintain a connection with members. With multiple connections permitted, Say is like a massive mobile videoconferencing system available at the click of a button. To get the party started, you create an introductory video to be sent to group members.

Once the group members accept your invitation, you've basically got a powerful video chat app in your pocket. The Say app features messaging options and video broadcasting capabilities. Since you got your own private group in place, you can confidently share news stories, updates, special events, and life moments with the entire group. The fact of the matter is that standard text messaging is incapable of relaying the excitement, passion, enthusiasm, or emotion of these special events. Video makes it much easier for group members to convey their feelings and it's just like being there in person.

Best features of Say App

  • Manage your own group
  • Store your favourite videos
  • Powerful video messaging capabilities
  • Lots of value-added entertaining games to play
  • Easily switch from group video to single person video
  • Build lasting relationships with people you care about
  • No annoying ads to ruin your video conferencing experience

The Say app is designed to safely store special moments, which you can then share with group members at a later stage. This app clearly displays why video chat is the preferred medium, particularly when compared to traditional chat options. The app functions in much the same way as a walkie-talkie with videoconferencing abilities. It transforms your smartphone into a powerful communication device for real-time conferencing with multiple members all over the world.

Expert take: Powerful and lightweight video chat app designed for personal and business use with 2 – many members, at the click of a button. Cutting-edge technology designed to build meaningful relationships.