Samsung & Marvel Team Up For Galaxy Note 10 Smart Covers

Galaxy Friends Note 10 Smart Covers

Samsung is teaming up with Marvel once more, this time for Galaxy Friends Marvel Smart Covers for the Galaxy Note 10. A recently leaked image from Evan Blass shows off four popular heroes from Marvel films. The cases will presumably be available for Galaxy Note 10+ too, and feature Iron Man, Deadpool, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America are returning heroes that were used on Galaxy Friends Marvel Smart Covers for the Galaxy S10 series. Other cases from that batch featured symbols for various Avengers heroes as well as various Marvel Comics logos. This makes Deadpool the newcomer, and a fitting choice given the popularity of the Deadpool films.

In addition to adding a new hero into the mix, Samsung has changed up the cover design a little bit. With the Galaxy S10 Marvel Smart Covers, the cases were shells made from a slick plastic. The Galaxy Note 10 covers however, seem to be made of a ruggedized, hard composite material. Not only that but they all have a textured design on them that follows the looks of each hero.


Samsung has not officially announced these smart covers for the Galaxy Note 10. The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 themselves were just announced back on August 7. Considering this, it might not be too long before the smart covers are officially unveiled. That being said there is also currently no price point. The Galaxy S10 may shed some light on things though.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 series back at the end of February and it announced Marvel smart covers for those phones on March 5. This means an official announcement for the Galaxy Note 10 versions could be just around the corner. As for the cost, you can find the Galaxy S10 covers on eBay for around $45. If priced similarly the Note 10 versions may be in the $40-50 range if released in the US.

Marvel-branded smart covers for Samsung’s latest and greatest are not the first time the company has partnered up. The two have worked together on officially licensed Marvel versions of the Galaxy S line. Back during the Galaxy S6 era, Samsung and Marvel released an Iron Man Edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge. An Ant-Man Edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ was also released.


These weren’t released in the US, but it showcases that Samsung and Marvel have had a long-standing relationship. One that has extended from special edition phones to officially licensed accessories for them. Although there is no release information or pricing details for the new cases, they will likely cost close to the same amount of Samsung’s other cases, and most of these are all around $50.

There are also likely to be more than just the four covers shown here in the leaked image. Samsung launched eight total Marvel covers for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. There’s no guarantee that Samsung will launch more than these four, but considering the previous cases there is a good chance it will. This would bode well for consumers who value variety, or simply want multiple covers to collect and swap out.