The Galaxy Note 10 Has A Zoom-In Mic Feature To Hone In On Audio

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Zoom In Mic

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is packed with new features that are likely to make this feel like the best Galaxy Note ever, and a lot of the improvements are coming to the camera, as they seem to every single year. One of the improvements to the camera comes in the form of a mic that’s capable of zooming in on sounds to hone in on the correct audio when you’re recording video with the phone.

Essentially the mic is able to use the sound it picks up and pair it with the subject of the video that’s currently in frame to determine which audio to focus on. It amplifies this audio and then works to drown out any noise in the background that isn’t in frame so your video only has the sound you want, at least that’s the idea.

This is just one part of the premium video technology that’s been integrated into the Galaxy Note 10. Alongside the Zoom in Mic there’s also the Live Focus Video to insert depth of field effects to the recording. Much like with the bokeh effects you see in photos as well as the depth of field in Samsung’s Portrait Mode images via the camera on other recent devices, the Galaxy Note 10 will let you adjust the video so that the subject stays in the foreground and in focus while the background is blurred.


Samsung didn’t stop there. It’s also improved the Hyperlapse mode by adding in a new feature called “Super Steady” that will make video more stable to help get rid of any bumpiness or shakiness.

Samsung is aiming these features at content creators and when pairing all of these video features together, content creators or anyone that just enjoys more professional video footage for sharing across social media or elsewhere can take footage and turn it into something that looks like it was professionally edited on a PC using professional video editing software.

It’s often thought that the best camera is the one you have with you, and while professional equipment and software for video and creating other content will always have their place Samsung is attempting to lessen the need you have on those things.


After the video footage has been recorded, editing can be done with “precision” according to Samsung thanks to the use of the S Pen, making it possible for users to forego having to touch, drag, and tap the display with their fingers. If you’re cutting and cropping footage the S Pen is sure to be more accurate than your fingertip, which is the idea here.

Samsung has developed its video editing tools for the Galaxy Note 10 to be powerful, so many users may not need to use anything other than what’s already baked in. However, the S Pen works well with Adobe Rush and according to Samsung it’s a powerful app to have on the Note 10 for anyone who wants more control and tools for even better-looking end results. If you’re a camera enthusiast and love using your phone for photos and video, the Galaxy Note 10 has you covered.