Here Are The Wallpapers From Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 & DeX


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ won't officially start arriving in customers' hands until August 23 but the wallpapers are available now for those who just can't wait, thanks to AllAboutSamsung's Max J.'s decision to share those via Twitter.

The specifics for how the images were obtained are relatively vague but are said to have been downloaded directly from the small Note 10 device. Better still, wallpapers from the new smartphones' DeX mode were included in the share. So those can be had too for anybody looking to add some fresh style to a laptop or other horizontally-oriented display.

The wallpapers


The default wallpapers chosen by Samsung for its latest top-tier flagships are arguably not the most inspired. The devices, launched earlier this week at Samsung's semi-annual "Galaxy Unpacked" event, reflect the simplicity of the gadgets and the gradients found in available color configurations.

As a result of those design choices, the images aren't the most diverse or the most colorful. Instead, they center mostly around light pastel-like hues refracted dramatically through what appears to be shaped cubes of glass.

Different colors are highlighted or subdued in the images and each seems to be larger than might necessary in terms of width to allow individualized adjustments before being set as the background on the phones. In fact, they're square-shaped.


The examples below have been reduced in size and compressed to save space — the originals are available at the link below, as of this writing. But the DeX wallpapers measure in at a resolution of 1920 x 1920 while the new phone's walls are set at 3040 x 3040 pixels.

Starting with the wallpapers provided by default on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, there are a total of six variations on the theme in terms of color.

The default wallpaper is predominantly white with hints of deep, bright blue toward the top. "Blue" adds in a shade of almost green-blue color to the background with even lighter bright blues instead of the darker tones. "Silver" shifts things even further in the green direction while "White" takes that toward the pink end of the color spectrum, keeping some green-blue at the top refracting through the glass.


The final default Galaxy Note 10 wallpaper is called "Essential" in the files and is different in that the 'glass' cube has a sharp, orange-tinted outline instead of a smooth blended edge. Dark touches of purple, red, and hints of blue and green are scattered along the right-hand side of the shape.

DeX walls keep the theme but go heavier on the color variation

The wallpapers used for DeX are almost identical with the exception of the placement of the glass shape — now found on the right-hand side instead of the left — and colors.


The colors used for the docked PC-like mode are, to begin with, much more pronounced. They also don't seem to have individualized names in the file system. In terms of the closest configuration to Samsung's new smartphone, the fourth wallpaper is a black backdrop with darker shades of each color cutting cleanly through the shaped-glass.

The second wallpaper is an almost sea-green tinted tone with plenty of gradients and the remaining rose pink and indigo colors are represented in the wallpapers in a similar fashion. So there may be less selection but Samsung still seems to be offering more diversity in terms of actual differences for DeX.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Dex Wallpapers - Google Drive

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