You Can Vacuum & Mop Your Floors With This Discounted Roborock S5


Roborock has discounted its most popular robot vacuum ever, the S5. You can now pick it up for just $406.

Right now, the Roborock S5 is listed at $520, but using the promo code ROCKVACUUM you can drop the price down to just $406. And that will shave $114 off of the regular price.

If for some reason, you don't already have the Roborock S5, then now is the perfect time to pick one up.


The Roborock S5 is heralded as the best robot vacuum on the market, and it's really not hard to see why.

This one does it all. It can vacuum your floors, it can also mop them. It also does a good job at mapping out your home so that it can clean your entire home and not miss any spots.

Cheaper robot vacuums will typically go in a random direction and might miss a spot or even an area in your home. The vacuum will go back and forth until it has covered everything.


Roborock has a single brush in the front, which is used to loosen the dirt and then the center brush will suck it up. There are a few different modes for vacuuming, which range from pretty quiet, to pretty loud. The "Max" mode will offer the most suction and allow you to get up everything that might be on the floor in your home.

It works with the Mi Home app, so you can see the map that it has made, and where it has cleaned. This also allows you to tell it where you want it to go next. As well as setting up a schedule for it to clean.

Finally, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to use your voice.


You can pick up the Roborock S5 from Amazon by clicking here.

Roborock S5 - Amazon - $406