Pokémon Masters Is Now Available Globally For Eager Trainers


Pokémon Masters is the latest game in the franchise. It's for mobile devices, and it's now available globally for both Android and iOS.

While it's been available in a few countries for over a month or two, the US and other regions are just now getting official access.

In reality though, the game landed on the Play Store (at least in the US) late last night, which means you may already be knee deep in quests.


Dominate The Pokémon Masters League

Just like with other Pokémon games the goal in this one is to become better than other trainers. Kind of.

That's not your only goal, of course, but there is a theme and story line revolving around the Pokémon Masters League and your aim is to become the champion.

You can only do this by beating other trainers, but not before making some friends along the way and getting some of them to join you.


Don't Forget About The First In-Game Event

Announced a couple of days ago, Pokémon Masters is getting its first event in the very near future.

It's called Reach For The Top and it officially begins on September 2. That's next Tuesday, which gives you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the game. That is if you didn't use the workaround to play it early.

Once Reach For The Top goes live next week, you'll encounter a special limited time Story Event that features the character Blue and his Pokémon Pidgeot.


Find The Perfect Sync Pair

Pokémon Masters is all about teams. So part of your goal is collect as many sync pairs as you can.

Some trainers and their Pokémon will be better suited to specific encounters than others. That doesn't mean you can't still beat those encounters if you use different pairs. It just won't be as easy.

This is where completing the story quests will come in handy. Do as much as you can to unlock every sync pair you can as part of the main game content. Some pairs you will need to collect through the game's gacha mechanic, and this will require gems.


Luckily, you can up to 3,000 gems if you participate in the event on Tuesday, which will get you a total of ten sync pairs. Some of those may end up as duplicates, but those may also be more powerful than the versions you have.

Either way, it's free stuff just for playing. And definitely worth it.