OPPO Users Are Big On Gaming; Company Intros Dual Wi-Fi Tech


OPPO has released some interesting gaming-related data to the public. This data has been collected from China users only, but it reveals some rather interesting info regarding the gaming habits of OPPO users.

The company says that, in the past year, OPPO's gamers have an average MAU (a metric that measures engagement) of 130 million, with a total scale of 210 million, which is equivalent to the Brazilian population.

OPPO's users in China have downloaded a total of 2410,000 TB of games in the past year. OPPO wanted to be very graphic about this, and say that if you use 4T hard drives to store this data, and stack them one on top of the other, you'd end up with a height that is equivalent of two Everests.


Out of 210 million gamers on OPPO's smartphones in China, 91-percent are between 18 and 35 years old, while male players account for 54-percent of them. This statistic actually reveals that more and more females are getting into gaming.

Five more popular games of OPPO's users in China are King Glory, Peace Elite, Happy Music, Mini World, and Happy Landlords. OPPO says that its users spend an average of 18.5 minutes a day gaming, while 75-percent of players can control their gaming obsession and game only 20 minutes per day.

OPPO's users play games during weekends far more than during weekdays. On weekdays, they spend an average of 15 minutes a day playing games, and 10AM si the peak time for gaming it seems. On weekends, the situation is completely different. On average, people spend 44 minutes playing games, and peak times are 2PM and 10PM.


On average, each mobile game player consumes 28-percent of smartphone's battery while playing games. The company also listed some common issues that users face while playing games, including network stability, and not-enough-battery issue.

In addition to releasing all this gaming info, OPPO also announced "Game Color Plus" and "Dual Wi-Fi" at Chinajoy, both focused on gaming. Game Color Plus is OPPO's new augmented imaging technology, which has been developed in partnership with Qualcomm.

This technology delivers an improved display effect for mobile phone games, says OPPO. It can fine-tune the visual presentation of the game that allows game scenes to be a better fit for OPPOO's smartphone displays.


The company's new Dual Wi-Fi technology has been announced for ColorOS 7, and it will allow devices to connect to two different wireless networks simultaneously, while enabling them to send and receive data independently. This will ramp up the overall connection speed of OPPO's smartphones, and optimize user experience, mainly when it comes to gaming and streaming videos.

That is pretty much everything that OPPO shared at this point in time. It would be interesting to see some gaming data from the company's devices in general, not just those based in China, but it seems like OPPO's users are really into gaming.