Is This OnePlus TV The TV Of Your Dreams?


OnePlus is making a big play for the TV market and now we have what is likely to be the first image of the upcoming OnePlus TV.

Unlike most first-look images that come through a leak, this image was shared by the company's CEO, Pete Lau on Twitter. The image was shared alongside another image showing Lau and company sealing up the first packaged OnePlus TV product.

OnePlus TV Image 02
OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau sealing the first OnePlus TV

These images are the latest indication that OnePlus TV is almost ready to launch.


Images not as revealing as we'd like

Usually when a first-look image comes through it provides some additional information on what will be on offer. That doesn't really appear to be the case here. After all this is a TV and by the looks of it, it looks like a TV.

Based on these images, there's no amazing or novel design points to note.

The TV does also appear to be on and so we do get to see a glimpse of the "unique" Android TV experience that's said to be on offer.


OnePlus TV to offer "unique" Android TV

One of the points the company routinely focuses on with this TV is the use of Android TV. While that in itself is nothing new, OnePlus has been keen to highlight its version is better than typical Android TV.

Just earlier today more details on this came through thanks to a recent interview with Lau. During that interview, Lau suggested its version of OnePlus TV is smoother and more efficient. Although those changes now seem unlikely to be resigned to OnePlus TV products as OnePlus believes its changes will be wholesale adopted by Google.

In other words, Android TV in general will incorporate those speed and efficiency improvements.


Limited availability

OnePlus TV might be the talk of the town at the moment, but availability is going to be severely limited to begin with.

The new TV is expected to launch in September. However, it will launch in India and only be available to buy in India. What's more, it seems likely it will only initially be available in one size – 55 inches.

OnePlus has indicated plans to launch in other regions in the future, including the U.S. and Europe. The company is understood to still be ironing out agreements to make that happen.


Right now, the suggestion is OnePlus TV might launch in other regions next year. A time-frame that's subject to change.

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