Android TV The Only Platform Good Enough For OnePlus TV


Android TV is the only TV platform good enough for OnePlus TV.

OnePlus made the comment today while explaining it wants to offer buyers a "fast and smooth" TV experience.

Although an Android smartphone brand sticking with Android when transitioning to the TV market might seem like a given, OnePlus says it wasn't that simple.


OnePlus explains it "evaluated all the options available" and conducted "several rounds of comparisons." Following which, OnePlus decided the Google's TV platform "was the only platform" that met its "fast and smooth" criteria.

Further expanding on this, OnePlus stated Android TV is feature-rich thanks to the likes of the Google Play Store and Google Assistant.

OnePlus even went as far as to say Android TV "is the most powerful TV operating system."


Still not good enough for OnePlus though

In spite of the high praise lavished on Android TV, OnePlus previously stated Google's Android TV was not good enough.

Strangely, one of the main criticisms leveled at the platform was the speed. The very thing OnePlus now says is the reason it chose the platform over others.

As part of that previous criticism, OnePlus argued it had to step in to optimize the experience further.


According to the company, the changes it made to Android TV are so effective that Google is embracing them. That is, Google will adopt those changes and include them in Android TV used by other brands and devices.

Speed not the only Android TV issue for OnePlus

Not only did OnePlus feel it needed to improve the speed of Android TV, but also the experience in general.

Android TV is fairly static at the consumer level and this is particularly true when it comes to TV sets that are powered by Android TV.


This static approach means the customization level of Android TV available to a company is limited. The alternative is for companies to opt for an operator style of Android TV. Google allows operators more freedom to change the way Android TV looks and feels.

Based on the company's comments to date, OnePlus appears to have gone down that route in a bid to further customize the experience to better suit its needs. In other words, to offer the "unique," "improved" and "optimized" Android TV experience it wants.

It was also confirmed today that OnePlus TV updates are only guaranteed for the first three years. A support period that while good for smartphones, is not so great for TVs.

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