All Android TV Users Will Apparently Benefit From OnePlus TV


If Android TV seems better in the future, you can thank OnePlus for that. Apparently, OnePlus made Android TV better for everyone.

That’s according to details from a recent India Today interview with the company’s CEO, Pete Lau.

Lau explained OnePlus and Google have worked together on this version of Android TV. With Lau stating OnePlus and Google “have made improvements and optimizations that we believe are going to be part of the core of the software."


If there’s any confusion here, the report explains OnePlus and Google have improved Android TV “at the core level.”

Adding “this work will be part of Android TV OS, available to all smart TV companies.”

Coming to Android TV near you soon

Unless India Today has misunderstood what Lau meant, it seems the changes OnePlus sought for its software will be included in Android TV devices sold by other brands.


The sentiment specifically relates to smart TVs, although if these are core changes to the platform then there’s no reason to suggest Android TV smart-top boxes won’t get the same upgrade treatment.

OnePlus TV to focus on speed

While it remains to be seen what these core changes are exactly, speed seems to be the word of the day.

That’s not too surprising as OnePlus often uses speed-based marketing to sell its smartphones. It would seem the same marketing approach will be in effect with OnePlus TV.


Although not the sum of the changes, many are understood to be designed to make the Android TV platform run smoother and more efficiently.

OnePlus TV to offer more features

An issue for device-makers looking to provide a unique Android TV experience is Google doesn’t allow too much deviation. For the most part, Android TV is Android TV. However, OnePlus seemingly plans to get around this through the use of a custom interface.

This is an example of where Android TV at the consumer level can differ from the operator level. Operators are able to utilize a more custom implementation that’s tailored to their branding and services.


An example of this can be seen with AT&T TV’s new set-top box. Although AT&T's box appears to run on an AT&T TV operating system, it actually runs on Android TV.

Using this approach, OnePlus intends to make even more features available to its customers. Although unlike the core changes mentioned, those changes are unlikely to be available through Android TV on other devices.