New Official Stadia Game Trailers Fuel The Hype Train

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

New official Stadia game trailers fuel the hype train for the platform. If you disagree, go watch some of the new Stadia trailers and see if you feel any differently about it afterwards.

Google held its latest Stadia Connect livestream event this morning as part of Gamescom. Shortly after, it uploaded a bunch of new official game trailers to its YouTube channel. Some of these trailers are for games which were already confirmed as coming to the platform. Some were for the new games that were confirmed today. All of them however, fuel the hype train for Google’s cloud gaming service.

If you enjoy playing games on any platform, the most exciting part about the games is playing them. It’s likely that the next best thing is watching the trailers.


And why shouldn’t they be? Trailers are exciting. They show off gameplay footage, they get people hyped up for the release, and in Stadia’s case, they’re probably getting people even more excited for the platform.

Sure, most or all of these games were either already announced or already exist on other platforms. That doesn’t make the trailers for them any less exciting to watch.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Looks Better Than Ever

As an avid Destiny 2 player, I’ve been engaging with it’s content since launch. I’ve played through every expansion. I’ve nearly acquired every piece of sought after gear, and I’ve already been salivating over the release of Shadowkeep since it was officially announced during the last Stadia Connect.


There wasn’t a whole lot of new details released with the official Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Stadia trailer that was put out this morning. It still hyped me up for playing the game. Both on PC and on Stadia.

I’m also probably not the only one that felt this way while watching it. That’s because the trailer is packed full of energy-rich footage as well as intriguing dialogue that will tie into the lore.

As mentioned, there’s not a whole lot of new stuff to be shown off. That doesn’t really matter though.


Each moment in the video was fuel for the hype train that Google has been driving since Stadia’s official announcement. The video is short and sweet, and because it’s exciting, people are likely to be more excited for Stadia too.

“Being Able To Play MK11 On Your Phone Is.. Legitimately Cool”

Another already announced game was Mortal Kombat 11. It’s the latest in a long-running franchise that is known for its over the top, gory combat. Following today’s Stadia Connect a video went up on the official Stadia YouTube that was a short Dev Diary for the game.

In it, Mortal Kombat Executive Producer Erin Piepergerdes says he and his team are excited about Stadia because “it is legitimately cool to be able to pause the game and then go to your phone and play it on the phone. That’s… pretty cool.”


It is in fact, pretty cool. Fears about Stadia being shuttered or the service dealing with too much latency aside, it’s hard to argue that playing Mortal Kombat 11 on your smartphone isn’t a cool thing.

As a gamer, I am legitimately excited about the prospect. Playing any game on my monitor at home on Stadia, then pausing it and moving the gameplay to my phone so I can play elsewhere sounds like a really great time.

Playing games all day at home wasn’t such a tough thing when you were a kid. You probably didn’t really have too many responsibilities.


As an adult that starts to change a little bit. You have an adult life with an adult job. You have more places to be and strict times to be there. And just because you have to leave home to take care of a few things doesn’t mean your fun with the games should have to stop.

Already an hour into your latest Stadia title but have to head out to a meeting an hour away? If you’ve got a commute ahead of you, there’s no problem. Pause the game and move to playing on your phone during your commute.

Stadia Blows Open The Doors To Ease Of Access

Cyberpunk 2077 was the biggest announcement for Stadia today. And just like with Mortal Kombat 11, Stadia has a Dev Diary video about it.


This is another short and sweet video about the game as well as what the studio thinks about Stadia as a platform. While it shows off some cool imagery for the upcoming title it also puts into words what is probably the best thing about Stadia and that’s ease of access.

CD Projekt Red’s games are really good storytellers. Stadia is only making it more possible for players to experience those stories and everything woven into them. Not everyone has a high-powered PC, and Stadia is basically circumventing that need.

Trailers Are Visually Appealing. A List Of Names Is Not.

Google put out a list of Stadia launch games well over a month ago. Most of those games didn’t have official Stadia trailers though.


Today Google put out a few of them. Mortal Kombat 11, DOOM Eternal, Samurai Showdown, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Borderlands 3 are some examples. Even with them being confirmations back in June, staring at a list of game titles is a lot more boring than you might think.

Watching trailers for those games in correlation to Stadia, is a different story. If you’re even mildly interested in the concept of what Stadia is doing, seeing a trailer for a launch title on the Stadia YouTube page is likely way more engrossing than reading that it’ll be available when the platform goes live.

It’s also great marketing for Google. It wants Stadia to be a success. So do many other people. Exciting game trailers will help achieve that. Destiny 2 has been a big focus for Stadia since it helped Bungie reveal the Shadowkeep expansion. Everyone who wants to play Destiny 2 on Stadia already knows the game is coming.

The fact that Google has put out a new trailer for the game though, brings it back to the front of everyone’s minds.

Everyone who paid attention to Stadia or Destiny 2 today, and who will for the next week or two, will be way more aware of the fact that Stadia will be offering the complete Destiny 2 experience. Mission accomplished. New official Stadia game trailers are fueling the hype train. Google knows it, and everyone else knows it.