IFA 2019 Might Mean New Mid-Range Phones From Nokia

Nokia 9 MWC 2019 AM AH 8

Nokia won’t be waiting for IFA Berlin 2019 to unveil its newest Android smartphones and may have as many as three new gadgets planned for its next event. That’s based on recent reports that stem from an invite sent out by Nokia and HMD Global.

Specifics about the event have not been provided but an associated promotional image does at least provide a time and place.

HMD Global and Nokia will be showing off new products just ahead of IFA 2019 in the same city but just a day ahead of the global tech exhibition. More succinctly, Nokia’s event will take place on September 5, at 4 PM local time.


Rumors point to at least three new Nokias

At the center of the planned press conference, Nokia will reportedly launch no fewer than three new gadgets. Exact details about those have been kept nearly as obscure as details about the event itself. Instead of giving away any hints or information, the dual-branded press image simply shows a landscape photo of the city. In fact, it’s one of the same images that appear on the official Berlin website.

Aside from the primary image, there are only words.


Regardless, rumors and speculation have stirred up suggestions that Nokia may launch or at least announced phones with model designations Nokia 5.2, Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2. Based on Nokia naming conventions, each of those would be an iterative step up from their similarly-named predecessors.

Those would be the Nokia 5.1, Nokia 6.1, and Nokia 7.1. Each of those devices is a mid-range handset launched last year. The latest was the Nokia 7.1 and is among the best values currently available in the mobile market. It’s a safe bet that the follow-ups will be too but it isn’t possible to take those guesses any further.

Beyond those devices, at least one unknown Nokia handset has cropped up online under the codename ‘Daredevil’. But even details about that device are slim. It will, according to the source, ship with a Snapdragon 660.


Daredevil is part of the Android One program too. That means it will run on almost entirely pure Android and that it will receive more frequent updates over a longer period than is usual. A triple camera array is expected on the device as well.

Why this will be about mobile devices

While exact details about what Nokia and HMD Global have planned are still well under wraps, the newly announced event will undoubtedly center around mobile devices. That is not solely because HMD Global is the manufacturer of Nokia-branded handsets either.


The most recent Nokia gadget launched was the Nokia 9 PureView. Unveiled just ahead of MWC in February, for all intents and purposes, the Nokia 9 PureView is a flagship.

As alluded to above, Nokia may not fully announce all of its upcoming mid-range smartphones at the event even if it does provide some details about those. Prior to the Nokia 9 PureView, HMD Global introduced the world to the Nokia 7.1. That was back in October of last year. So a full reveal would put the announcement of a Nokia 7.2 ahead of its expected launch date.

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