Mario Kart Tour Launches Next Month, Pre-Registration Now Live

Mario Kart Tour Logo

Mario Kart Tour, the mobile offshoot of Nintendo’s popular kart racing game, launches next month. Nintendo confirmed the release date of the upcoming mobile game through Twitter on an official page for the game.

In addition to announcing the release date Nintendo also mentions that you can pre-register for the game on available platforms.

Start Your Engines On September 25

Start your engines, because the game will launch on September 25, likely for Android and iOS on the same day. This gives the game just under a month a to go before release. While the late September launch is a bit later than the expected Summer time frame, better late than never.


Presumably Nintendo wanted to use this extra time to iron a few things out following the game’s closed beta that was launched back at the end of May.

Though the game was in a polished state for the most part in terms of functionality, it was critically panned by many for the use of gacha mechanics and energy timers.

More Information To Come

With the release date now official and it being a well-known fact that this will be a free offering, one might think there is little left to learn.


According to Nintendo that isn’t the case. It specifically states that is has “a lot of information to share” leading up to the launch of the game.

This could mean anything from an open beta testing period to details about special events in-game.

Whatever it is, the official Mario Kart Tour twitter account is something to keep an eye on.


Wreak Havoc In The Game’s ‘Frenzy Mode’

While the beta provided a fair bit of gameplay content, not everything was accessible to participants.

One of these pieces of content was the game’s ‘Frenzy Mode,’ which lets players basically spill chaos all over the track.

With Frenzy Mode players will have the ability to gain access to an unlimited amount of a particular item. Frenzy Mode only lasts for a short time, so players are urged to use it wisely and sparingly.


That said, having an unlimited amount of red shells even for a short period of time is sure to stir up trouble.

In addition to Frenzy Mode, Mario Kart Tour will also feature various social challenges. These will aim to offer gameplay that is a tad different from the standard modes.

If you’re eager to get started with Nintendo’s latest game, you can pre-register for Mario Kart Tour over on Google Play right now.