LG Patents A Rollable Smartphone To Counter Foldable Handsets


LG has patented a new smartphone, and this time around we’re looking at a rollable smartphone. Yes, you read that right, LG actually came up with a rollable device.

This patent was filed back in February with the Chinese patent office, and was published on August 9. The patent was directly included in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database at that point.

Quite a few sketches of the phone were included as part of the process. Letsgodigital spotted the patent, and actually created some really nice renders of the phone using those sketches. Those renders are included in the gallery down below.


Display wraps around the phone's housing

This smartphone’s display wraps around the entire housing of the phone. You will notice a small frame border on the top and bottom of the display, but that’s pretty much it. LG seems to be using several hinges to make this rollable display a possibility.

These seem to be rather flexible hinges, as they allow the display to bend in two directions. You can fold the screen both inwards and outwards. Rolling it inwards can protect it from scratches and what not, while rolling it outwards will allow you to properly use the device.

Once you roll up the device, you’ll be able to use it as a regular smartphone. When you roll it out, though, you’ll essentially get a tablet.


This phone does not include a display notch or a display hole, it’s basically all display. We still do not know how will the screen stay in placed once rolled up, but we’re presuming magnets will be a part of the picture.

When rolled out, the display becomes a lot larger, over 100-percent larger, in fact. You will notice that cameras are not visible in the provided renders, but they will be a part of the picture. We’re just not sure where will LG included them, and will they be usable when the device is rolled up.

LG’s President confirmed at the beginning of this year that the company is developing a smartphone with a roll-up screen. He confirmed that during CES 2019 in Las Vegas.


Five possible names appeared back in April

Back in April, LG submitted five trademark applications for the name of this device. Those names were: LG The Roll, Double Roll, Dual Roll, Bi-Roll, and Roll Canvas. It is possible that LG plans to use one of these names for the device that got patented.

This smartphone will almost certainly compete with the Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Motorola Razr, and whatever other foldable handset makes its way to the market in the coming months.

LG’s rollable smartphone will probably include high-end specifications, though we’re only guessing. One thing is for sure, this phone will not be cheap. We do not know when will it arrive, but LG will hopefully share more info before the end of the year.