LG & Naver To Beat Google To The Punch On Multi-Screen Browsing

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A new project being put forward by LG & NAVER could see the pair beating out Google to deliver the first multi-screen web browsing experience.

That’s based on a recently-revealed partnership between the two companies, centered around new “omnitasking” optimizations for a browser called Whale. The browser is built on Chromium and supports split-screen mode within the app itself, complete with a scaleable divider.

The primary purpose of the new arrangement has been to use that capability to build out a better browsing experience for the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. More directly, it’s to ensure maximum compatibility with a protective case for that handset — LG’s Dual Screen protective case.


The case is a somewhat bulky add-on item that isn’t available in the U.S. but adds a second screen to the device. LG is known to be actively working on a true dual-screen or folding handset. The former of those may land as early as the first week of September. LG Dual Screen currently serves as an alternative to those types of devices.

With Whale, users will be able to perform the same multi-tasking but on multiple displays simultaneously. It effectively acts as a dedicated dual-screen browser. That means users can browse multiple aspects of a site at once, such as browsing a list of products on one side and individual products on the others. Users are able to read sites in two different languages at the same time, with those languages being split between the pages, LG says.

NAVER looks to edge out a competitor on multi-screen experiences

Of the two companies involved in developing Whale, NAVER arguably stands to gain the most from the endeavor. Although the browser is technically based on Google’s technology, NAVER is a top competitor to the search giant in LG’s home region. It’s the second-largest search service in the area.


Conversely, the region where NAVER is second only to Google in search is one of the sole regions where the above-mentioned LG accessory is available. At very least, Whale could help cement the company’s position in that region.

While Whale isn’t necessarily likely to overtake Chrome, it may also help NAVER gain a significant number of LG users. As companies beyond LG explore dual-screen or folding screen devices, the company could see significant returns there as well. That would also push NAVER’s popularity outside of the current sales region, especially if Google makes no attempts to respond.

More multi-screen browsing will arrive from LG and NAVER at IFA 2019

For LG, the browser gives the company another feature to tout with its V50 ThinQ 5G and its unique case.


The OEM isn’t content to rest on a single device, however. LG also took advantage of the announcement to reveal that more Dual Screen-compatible smartphones are on the way. It’s unclear whether the company plans for those to be multi-screen devices or just to be compatible with screen-enhanced cases. But the new browsing solution from NAVER will be pre-installed on the new devices, the companies have said.

The companies plan to reveal more details at IFA Berlin 2019, which runs from September 6 through September 11.