Lenovo Smart Clock Can Finally Display Your Photos

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The Lenovo Smart Clock can now double as a digital photo frame and display all your photos.

Google and Lenovo announced the new functionality late last week when confirming an update was rolling out to the device.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is a small smart display essentially. Although compared to smart displays, the Smart Clock has been missing some features that are now taken for granted with devices lite this. A prime example being doubling as a photo frame.


Google Assistant-powered smart displays have always been able to act as a photo frame. In fact, this is usually one of the main selling points when a company is advertising the product. However, a Lenovo Smart Clock photo frame was never on offer until now.

It was previously thought this might have been a conscious decision. For example, its size, coupled with the fact it’s primarily designed to be a timepiece may have resulted in Google and Lenovo opting to leave out certain features.

Evidently, that was not the case as the Lenovo Smart Clock has now gained the same photo frame support.


Show your own or other peoples’ photos on your Lenovo Smart Clock

Similar to smart displays, those opting to make use of this feature have two primary choices. The first is to give permission to the device to source your Google Photos account. If selected, photos from the user’s Google Photos account will automatically and randomly be displayed.

The second option is to enable the feature but not give it permission to use Google Photos. In this instance, Google will source photos from elsewhere. Turning the photo frame into more of a random gallery frame.

Of course, the feature is optional to begin with. Therefore, those not wanting to see any imagery at all can continue as they were following receipt of the update.


Talk with Assistant for longer

As part of the same update, the Lenovo Smart Clock is gaining a setting to turn on Continued Conversation. Once this is enabled the user will be able to converse longer with Google Assistant without having to continually say “Hey Google” in between responses.

This effectively means Google Assistant will also be listening for longer after a response has been given. After all, that’s how it will pick up the next interaction without being woken. Due to the extended listening period, the new setting is optional. Those that want it in effect can enable it, and those happy to continue as they were, can leave it disabled.

The update arrives organically so there should be nothing for the device owner to do. In most cases, it is likely the update has already arrived.