The Latest Stadia Connect Was Very Underwhelming


Stadia Connect is Google's way of delivering new details about its upcoming cloud gaming platform. It should be fun and exciting. It should offer up new, and highly anticipated information. The latest Stadia Connect however, was underwhelming. Like, extremely underwhelming.

Not everyone will agree with this, particularly those who are so excited for Stadia that they refuse to acknowledge any shortcomings that the platform may have.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of things that are exciting about the platform. Especially being able to Play games at home, pause them, and then continue playing on your smartphone. If it's compatible. That doesn't mean Google isn't completing misstep after misstep.


35 Minutes For Recycled Information & A Few New Games

Loading up YouTube the morning of Stadia Connect was supposed to be a joyous occasion. Instead, all the public was given was recycled information that they already had alongside a few new game announcements.

35 minutes of livestreaming video just to tell the community stuff they already know is a waste of time. And a letdown. There were some new game announcements, and that's great, but there could have been so much more to showcase.

For instance, Google could have showed off the user interface for the platform. It could have explained some of the features a little more in-depth. It could have done anything that wasn't already public knowledge, and the stream would have been infinitely better.


The livestream was made all the more underwhelming by the fact that not all of the game trailers shown were for new games. Most of them were previously announced titles that Google confirmed over two months ago.

Users have seen footage of DOOM Eternal more than once at this point in relation to Stadia. A playable demo of the Stadia version was even available at this year's E3. DOOM Eternal wasn't the only previously announced game included either.

Samurai Showdown, GRID, and Borderlands 3 were announced in June. Trailers for them have been shown well before this event. If Google was trying to get people excited about Stadia with this second livestream then it failed.


There Seems To Be A General Disappointment

The fact is, there was just no need for a 35 minute video when everything could have been summed up in a few tweets and a short video clip. Google even recapped the whole stream in 3 minutes. Which, is what the stream should have been in the first place instead of hyping up an entire event.

No doubt many people who were watching yesterday's Connect happily enjoyed every minute of it. That doesn't mean people weren't disappointed. A post on the official Stadia subreddit even echoes these sentiments, titled "Super disappointed in Stadia Connect 19/08/19." That isn't to say that everything in the video was disappointing.

Watching the trailers for the games coming to the platform is enjoyable, there just didn't need to be an entire Connect event for showing them off. Google could have just as easily written up a blog about the newly confirmed games, then dumped all the trailers on its YouTube channel and linked to it.


The fact that the game trailers were the most exciting part about the stream should be a little bit concerning. Especially when some of those trailers have been out for months or longer.

It's great to learn that Super Hot will be coming to Stadia, but this isn't a new game. People have seen trailers for and footage of Super Hot an untold number of times.

The official trailer for it was launched three years ago. One version of it from GameSpot has been viewed 351,487 times since it was published. The point being that showing it off in another trailer was useless. Other people seem to feel the same way.



Google Still Has Time For A More Engaging Connect

Even if this Connect was underwhelming, Google still has time to correct the course. Stadia isn't launching until November, and Google hasn't given an exact day for launch in that month.

That means that Stadia could launch in the very beginning of the month or more towards the end.

This gives Google at least two months for one more Stadia Connect live stream. During which it could use to share more details about the platform.

People still want to know what the UI looks like and they're curious about which other devices Stadia will be compatible with. Both of these things would make for an interesting Connect.

Yesterday's event was seemingly put on with purpose. But what was that purpose? The purpose for Google was apparently to confirm a few new games for the platform, while reiterating what Stadia Founder's Edition bundles come with.

If Google wants to really sell people on the idea of Stadia, it'll need these events to be better. Much better.