Google Pixel 4 Surfaces Yet Again In Two Leaked Images

Google Pixel Leak

The Google Pixel 4 has leaked in two new images. One picture shows off the front of the phone while another shows off part of the back.

Both sides of the phone appear to be similar to past leaks and renders, including one in an official Google tweet. So, it’s highly likely that this is Google’s latest smartphone.

Both images were reportedly “floating around Telegram.”


The Rear Camera Is A Key Indicator

The most noticeable part of the Pixel 4 is no doubt the new rear camera setup. It’s larger square-shaped camera array differentiates it from other Pixel devices, all of which have looked fairly similar in this area.

This is a key indicator that this leaked phone is probably the production model or a test version of the Pixel 4.

Another defining element is the front of the device. It’s not only turned on but displays a notification telling the user to complete the setup of their Pixel.


If this is the Pixel 4, then it was likely powered on just prior to these photos being taken by whoever is holding it.

It Seems To Work On Sprint, Obviously

This probably won’t come as a shock, but the Pixel 4 will work on Sprint. Google’s Pixel devices have always been unlocked, and the one in this leak seems to be already hooked up.

On the left side of the phone’s notification bar, Sprint is clearly listed as the visibly connected network. This begs the question of whether or not this is a model that will be sold by Sprint.


It’s also possible that this is just an unlocked version that someone slapped a Sprint SIM card into. Either way, you’ll have no trouble using it on any carrier just like the other previous versions.

That being said, past Pixel versions have been sold exclusively through Verizon in the US when not picked up through the Google Store or Google Fi. The same could be true this time around.

Though leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, the telltale signs for the Pixel 4 are there. Right down to the white button on the right-hand side, the large rear camera array, and the collection of front sensors.


Right now there is no confirmed release date for the Google Pixel 4. However, Google tends to launch its new phones in the beginning of October, so this is probably when to expect an official arrival.