Google Is Fixing The Poor Lighting Problem In Duo


Google Duo can be a great app for video calls but it's always had issues with low light. Google is now fixing the poor lighting problem in Duo.

In a blog post yesterday Google announced that it would be updating Duo to better support people's low lighting situations.

In doing so Duo will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved in the call.


Poor Lighting Was Consistent Problem For Users

Google says that poor lighting was a consistent problem that it noticed users having regardless of where they were. The update Google has planned for the Duo app will incorporate the new Low Light Mode feature.

This isn't something that users will have to enable on their end, it'll simply be included with the app and work when it's supposed to.

According to Google, Low Light Mode will allow the phone's camera to detect when lighting is dim. If it finds that there isn't enough light it will brighten things up accordingly.


Using the dim lighting detection, Duo can adjust the lighting within the app so people in the call are more visible.

Low Light Mode May Not Offer The Same Experience For Everyone

Though Google's idea to detect dim lighting and adjust things so people are more visible may be a sound one, it's possible not everyone will have the same experience with the feature.

The Low Light Mode will make use of the phone's front-facing camera. Not all front cameras on smartphones are created equal though. With that said, Low Light Mode may not work as well for some users if the front camera and sensors aren't as good as on other phones.


The amount of lighting in the room when Duo detects the lighting is dim will also play a factor. Based on the demo Google shows in its blog post GIF, the lighting can be pretty dim indeed.

There is still some light though. Google also notes that the effects of the feature will "vary based on device and environment." This means Google knows that not all devices will provide the same experience and it's ensuring users are aware of that.

The Feature Arrives This Week

Duo will be getting this new Low Light Mode this week. Both Android and iOS users will see the feature at the same time too.


Google doesn't give out a specific date, however. If this is something that you plan on using, you'll want to keep an eye out for it in the app over the coming days.