Gmail Gets Dark Theme Widget & Swipe Gesture For Account Switching

AH Gmail dark theme widget 1

Gmail is getting a dark mode soon, that much is obvious at this point. Back in June, we showed you how to enable the dark theme in the app’s settings.

That partial dark mode made it possible to see some of the app’s settings in dark mode. Not all settings were available with a dark theme, though. At that point, it was obvious that dark mode is not ready yet, but that it’s coming.

Dark theme Gmail widget

Well, the latest Gmail app pushes things a bit further. The dark mode is still not fully available in the app, but it is for the app’s widget.


If your phone is set to “dark mode / theme” on a system level, you’ll get access to a dark mode widget for Gmail.

The will automatically pick up your settings, and when you add a Gmail widget, it will be dark. That widget will give you a good idea as to what Gmail will look like once dark mode finally lands.

It seems like Google plans to combine shades of gray for its dark mode. This is a similar approach to what Google did with some of its other apps. Gmail’s background will not be pitch black, but really dark gray. Text, on the other hand, will be either white or dark gray, depending on whether a particular e-mail is read or not.

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Truth be said, this looks really nice to us. Reading e-mail is not a problem at all, and it seems to be a good balance.

Switch accounts by swiping down

In addition to bringing a dark theme widget to the table, Google included another interesting feature in the newest version of Gmail.

You can now swipe down on your profile picture within Gmail to switch to another account. This, of course, applies only if you use more than one account within the Gmail app.


This feature had arrived to iOS a while back, and Android users were wondering when will it make its way to Android.

Based on the fact that a dark theme widget is now here, the full dark mode cannot be far away. We’re presuming that the update will arrive before the end of 2019, for sure. In fact, we’re expecting it to land in the next month or two, but that’s only a guess on our part.

These new features are available in Gmail v2019.08.18. That variant of Gmail is rolling out via the Play Store as we speak, but it may not arrive to your phone immediately. As per usual, it may take this update a couple of days, or a week to roll out to everyone.