Getting Started With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite


Getting started with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is easier than you may think.

If you've known since the game's launch that you were destined for Hogwarts but weren't sure where to begin, this will help.

It also doesn't hurt if you're somewhat familiar with Pokémon GO, Niantic's most popular AR game, but it's not needed.


First Things First, Install The Game

Obviously, you can't begin your journey without the game being installed on your device. If you haven't yet taken this step, grab it from the Google Play Store and launch the game.

Once it's installed the rest is a fairly easy process. Much of the game's basics are taught to new players the first time they come across things. Deciphering the most important tasks within the game to keep up on a different story.


As you play things will get easier of course, but if you want a rundown that's what this guide aims to help with.

Create Your Ministry IDHarry Potter Wizards Unite 1

Creating your Ministry of Magic ID is one of the first things you will want to do in game. Luckily you're basically forced to do this at the start.

This is your player profile so to speak, so it's how other players, as well as the game, will identify you. It holds information like your in-game name as well as your chosen profession, your house, and various wizard achievements.


This is also where you can select and display your wand type, level, and title.

Daily Assignments & TreasuresHarry Potter Wizards Unite 2


It probably goes without saying if you've ever played another mobile game, but daily logins are a thing here.


In Wizards Unite they're called "Daily Assignments" and these will basically be various tasks you need to complete. As these are daily, you will only have 24 hours to complete them. Kind of like daily quests in MMORPG games.

Completing these are definitely not a mandatory thing. They will however earn you XP and more XP is always good. In addition these are easy ways to earn extra rewards like gold and potions.

This menu will tell you how much time is left before these reset, so you'll always be able to find out. This can help you prioritize which assignments to complete if you know you won't be able to get them all done.



Another popular trait in mobile games are daily login rewards. Wizards Unite has them too and these are called Daily Treasures.

Each day you login to play, you'll be awarded a treasure of some kind. One day it'll be XP, another it'll be gold, and another it'll be potions or other various items.


To access this menu, simply press the calendar button from the main game screen, then tap the calendar button up top with the star button. Each day's treasure for the entire current month can be found here.

You will get the treasure for each associated day regardless of whether or not you played the day before. That being said, playing consecutive days does earn you more stuff.

Achievements & Special Assignments

Special Assignments


These are similar to the daily assignments. The difference is that these will only be available during an event of some kind. A good example of a special event would be the possible Day of Dragons event that players have the chance to unlock.


Achievements are kind of like the daily assignments as well as you'll get every day you log in, except they persist beyond one day. You'll have achievements for all kinds of various things from casting 20 distinct spells to placing 50 images in the registry.

As you complete each one, you can acquire gold, XP, and items. Some achievements will even give bonus rewards in addition to the initial reward. You can find the achievements tab by first tapping on the calendar button on the main game screen.

Use Potions When NecessaryHarry Potter Wizards Unite 3

A running theme throughout the game is overpowering oddities in the world called confoundables. Sometimes, these will be more challenging to overcome than you may be able to handle normally.

If this is the case, this is where potions come in. Not all potions are the same, and some are fairly similar but have a stronger effect and last for a longer period of time.

To use a potion, tap on the potion button when you come across a confoundable. You will need to use the potion before you try to trace a magic spell on the screen. Doing so will allow you to see how effective it will be in assisting you.

That being said, potions are a little harder to come by. If you play often, you will want to use these sparingly in the beginning. Eventually you may build up a larger stock and will be able to use them a little more freely.

SuitcaseHarry Potter Wizards Unite 5

Your suitcase is the button in the very middle of the game screen and this is where you'll find different game menus. Portkeys, your vault which is basically your inventory are a couple examples. You can find the potions menu here too, which will let you create new potions based on found recipes, if you have any.

There's also a menu for the registry and your profession, though you will need to reach level 6 before you can select a profession.

You can also see your in-game name here as well as your level and how much more XP you need to reach the next level. Lastly there's a button near the top right corner for Events, like the upcoming Fan Festival taking place this weekend.

If you happen to be going to the Fan Festival this is where you access tickets and where the ticket should show up once you purchase one.

RegistryHarry Potter Wizards Unite 1 1

This is another important menu to make note of and keep an eye on from time to time. As you overcome discovered confoundables, you'll gain fragments of items that can be placed in the registry. To place images in the registry though, you need to collect all fragments for that specific image.

This value will change based on the image. The Baby Norwegian Ridgeback for instance has eight fragments. The more of these that you see the more of its fragments you can collect if you overpower it.

There are multiple categories in the registry as well. Ten altogether, including Care of Magical Creatures, Dark Arts, Hogwarts School, Magizoology, and more.

Spell Energy Is Like Your Life BloodHarry Potter Wizards Unite 6

Spell Energy is kind of like your life blood. You need it to trace spells during encounters with Confoundables and during Wizarding Challenges. This is a limited resource, so if you run out you have to wait until it replenishes before you can trace more spells.

There are ways around this of course, as you can spend some of your acquired gold to get more. The goal, is to spend as little Spell Energy as you can during encounters.

This means being able to overcome Confoundables with the least amount of spell traces as possible. This might not be super easy at first but as you level up you'll get better at tracing spells and your traces will become stronger.

Make FriendsHarry Potter Wizards Unite 7

As in real life, friends in the wizarding world are an important thing. They can help you with challenges and you get in-game social benefits. When you complete challenges together, you can receive bonus Wizarding XP and bonus Wizarding Challenge XP, which of course helps you level up.

You can have up to 200 friends total, so don't be shy about adding as many as you can.

Take A Stroll Over To Diagon AlleyHarry Potter Wizards Unite 2 1

You won't always need to utilize the shop, but it'll be important every once in a while. This is where you can purchase more Spell Energy if you run out and need it in a pinch.

You can also purchase things like silver keys for unlocking portmanteaus, dark detectors for revealing rare traces, and of course more portions if you need them.

This is also where you can purchase gold if you need more, as this is how you buy everything else.

The gold though costs real money, and it can be acquired in-game just by playing. So unless you absolutely have to have something and you're short on gold, it's not needed to buy any.

Runestones, Fortresses, & Wizarding Challenges

Fortresses are locations in-game that can be found at actual locations in the real world. At these locations you can activate Wizarding Challenges, but you will need Runestones to do so.

There are various types of runestones and different levels for each type, so you'll need to match these up based on these factors. These are also a limited resource but you can find more as you play, and they can be found in your fault.

Concocting Potions & Learning Lessons In ProfessionsHarry Potter Wizards Unite 10


Potions, as mentioned before, will be a powerful tool in overcoming confoundables. Though you can come across some during gameplay, you can also create them from the potions menu.

To do so however, you will need the right ingredients and the recipe to create it in the cauldron.


Professions is where you'll be able to learn different types of spells for use in challenges and other activities. Each profession will have its own unique spells and traits, and you'll need to choose one of the three available.

Your options are Auror, which is combat based and have more attack-style skills, Magizoologist which is more focused on support spells, and the Professor which is a balanced combination of the two previous roles.

Once you have selected a profession you will need Scrolls to learn in your chosen specialty.

These are another limited resource which you can find in your vault, but they seem to stack up quicker than some other resources, especially since you can't use them right away.

The Takeaway

There's a lot to the game and not all of it will feel familiar at the start. The more you play, though, the easier everything gets and you'll know what everything is.

If you plan to go the Harry Potter Wizards: Unite Fan Festival this weekend, or if you plan to play during the weekend to participate in the Global Challenge, you'll want to brush up on everything about the game to prepare.