How To Get Rid Of Bixby Forever On Galaxy Note 10


With the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung kind of hid the Bixby button. It's now part of the power button. So when you long-press the power button, instead of getting the power menu, you get Bixby. The good thing is, Samsung has kept the customization settings for that button open. So you can get rid of Bixby and bring back the power menu.

So, we're going to walk you through how to get rid of Bixby forever on the Galaxy Note 10 (this works on both the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus too).

How To Disable The Bixby "Button"

The power button on the Galaxy Note 10 is actually the Bixby button, and referred to as the "side key" in the settings. So here's how you can disable Bixby.


Open up the Settings on your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Settings

Then scroll down to "Advanced Features".

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Advanced Features Settings

Now tap on the "Side Key" option, it should be the third option down the list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Power Button Settings

The top part of this screen will give you options for double pressing the power button. Which you can set to open the camera, open Bixby, or another app. The second half is for the long-press or press and hold option. You can can choose to have it wake Bixby, or open the Power Menu. Just switch it to "Power off Menu" and you're all set.

Now if you do want to keep Bixby in the power button, you can still power off your phone by hitting the power button in the notification shade, or long-pressing the power button and volume down buttons.

This will not completely disable Bixby though, you'll also need to disable Bixby Home.


How To Disable Bixby Home

Bixby Home is that screen that is to the left of your home screen. And now that you have disabled the Bixby "button" on the Galaxy Note 10, the next thing is to disable Bixby Home.

To do this, long-press on your home screen.

Then swipe over to the Bixby Home screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Bixby Home

At the top of that screen, you should see a toggle to turn it on or off. Flip it off (the toggle background will be white when it's turned off), and you will never see Bixby again.

Wrap Up

Bixby has become a pretty good personal assistant on Samsung phones, but many still prefer Google Assistant over Bixby. Since it is just so much more advanced. Many are also not fans of how Samsung is pushing Bixby onto its customers. The good thing is that Samsung has listened, at least a little bit, and is allowing customers to turn off Bixby from the get-go. Typically with new smartphones, Samsung will remove this feature and then enable it with a future software update – usually about a month after release.

But there you have it. That's how you can disable Bixby on your Galaxy Note 10 forever. You will never see Bixby again, unless you change those settings. It's not uninstalled, but it is disabled completely, which is just as good at this point.