Enjoy Faster & More Reliable Internet When You Switch To Xfinity

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The second largest internet service provider or ISP, in the country is currently looking to get you to switch to Xfinity.

Comcast is offering up all sorts of different discounts to get you some pretty fast speeds, at low prices. Right now, you can get 150Mbps for as little as $40. This price is going to depend on where you live, as it always does.

Or, if you need some TV with that, you can get Internet and TV for just $65. Of course, that is only going to have 100 channels, and many of the premiums won’t be included. But TV for only $25 more, that’s cheaper than most streaming TV services.


Why Xfinity?

Comcast, or Xfinity as it wants to be called now, is the second largest ISP in the nation, with 14 million customers. And while you may hear horror stories about Xfinity, there’s one thing we can’t deny. It offers some fast and reliable internet, especially when compared to its competitors.

So why Xfinity? Well, simply put, you won’t find a better deal anywhere. Xfinity has plans that start at 60Mbps and go up to 2Gbps. These plans will differ based on where you live, but nationwide, they are all between 60Mbps and 2Gbps. Meanwhile, AT&T can start you out with as slow as 5Mbps. Which in 2019, is not going to be a fun experience.

Comcast does have some of the most reliable pipes in the country. Its internet rarely ever goes down, even when its competitors like AT&T, WOW, CenturyLink and others do go down. Which is a good thing. Especially with more and more people working from home.


On top of that, Comcast will usually promise you one number for speeds and you’ll normally get something faster.

For instance, in my case, I have the 60Mbps plan. And I routinely get at least 75Mbps down, even in the middle of the day.

But the downside with Xfinity is that you’re getting much slower upload speeds, compared to something like Verizon Fios.


How Do I sign up?

You’ll want to hit the link down below. This is going to get you started on signing up with Xfinity.

First, it’s going to have you put in your address. This is going to show you whether you have Comcast in your area or not. And it will also show you what deals are available in your area.

As mentioned before, prices and promotions do differ from market to market. For example, the plan I have here in Michigan is almost double the price in Chicago. So keep that in mind.


You can start shopping for your Xfinity services by hitting this link.

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