You Can Now Download The Latest Hulu Android TV App With Live TV

Hulu with Live TV Android TV 12

Live TV, as well as an improved Hulu user interface is now available to owners of devices powered by Android TV.

It was only at the end of July when Hulu announced its live TV service was coming to Android TV with the expectation the platform support would go live in “early August.” In line with that expectation, the support has now been switched on.

For those interested in checking the service out, the Hulu for Android TV app will need to be updated. At present, the Android TV app is what’s referred to as the “Classic” Hulu app and once the app has been updated it will be reflective of the app the company refers to as the “Latest Hulu app.” This is the same one that can currently be accessed on most devices and platforms, and the one which brings with it live TV integration.


The upgrading of the app does more than just add live TV as it also brings with it a completely new interface and experience. This will likely take some getting used to for those that are migrating over from the Classic app although beneath the flashy exterior they will find a familiar experience.

Of course, the live TV portion of Hulu that’s now included within the app is dependent on the user having an active Hulu TV subscription. This subscription service currently costs $44.99 per month and that price includes access to the standard Hulu service, albeit the ad-supported version.

Due to this, anyone who is upgrading their subscription to include live TV will be cancelling their existing standard Hulu subscription. In other words, Hulu with Live TV does not cost an additional $44.99 per month on top of the $5.99 (or $11.99 if ad-free), as those costs are now incorporated within the $44.99 per month.


This aspect is one of the many strengths of Hulu’s TV solution compared to others as in addition to the access to a wealth of live TV channels, Hulu TV subscribers also gain access to a strong lineup of over-the-top content that they don’t get with other services or might have to pay additional fees for. This includes access to all of Hulu’s original TV shows and movies.

With the support having now gone live it is expected that any device that has the Classic app installed should receive an update in the coming days that activates the new service. The delivery time may vary depending on the device and location but those eager to give the new interface a spin can try their luck at uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it again from the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store listing is already showing the support for Android TV devices and while the initial announcement only confirmed support for the NVIDIA SHIELD and Xiaomi Mi Box, as well as Sony Bravia and Hisense branded TV sets, the Play Store listing does appear to show a wider level of Android TV support.


If you have an Android TV device that was compatible with the Classic Hulu app then it is highly likely it is also now compatible with the upgraded app. To check for device compatibility either search for the new Hulu app on the device or head over to the web version of the Google Play Store and check the drop-down menu on the Hulu app page, once signed in.