CallApp 3.0 Is Here And It Will Organize Your Contacts


CallApp is the Android app you didn't know you needed, and it's new version, CallApp 3.0, will blow you away. It's a must-have on your device.

Used by over 50 million people worldwide, CallApp is the most comprehensive caller ID app available exclusively for Android users.

We know what you're thinking, "all Android phones have a basic Caller ID function, if you add someone to your contact list, you'll see their name when they call."


While that's true, the main problem with this feature is that you cannot see the name of someone who isn't on your contact list. With billions of phone numbers used globally, that leaves the door open for a lot of potential unknown calls.

CallApp rectifies this problem, as it recognizes over 3 billion numbers globally. Not only can CallApp block calls from unknown or unwanted numbers (like telemarketers or robocalls) but it will also let you know who is calling, even if their number isn't saved on your device. It not only saves you the headache from speaking to a telemarketer, it gives you the opportunity to speak to someone you actually want to talk to and who's number you may not have had. If you never want to miss an important call, and if you always want to miss telemarketers, then CallApp is the app for you.

CallApp, at its core, is a free Caller ID and Phone Call Blocker. It allows you to block phone calls, blacklist unwanted callers, identify telemarketing calls, record phone calls, and much more. The application takes the most important features on your mobile, your phone dialer and your contacts, and takes it up a notch (or two). It's arguably the best phone call experience you'll ever have.


The best way to describe CallApp would be by its advantage: one app fits all.

Your contact details screen not only has a name and number, but is also synced with your contact's social media profiles. CallApp allows you to have your contact's name, phone number, email, birthday, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin profiles all in one place. Not only does it make it easier to familiarize yourself with your contacts, but it makes them more accessible to you as well. Getting in touch with your closest friends, and being able to contact someone you just met, is so much easier with CallApp. You'll be hard pressed to find another app that makes keeping in touch as seamless.

The application also allows you to leave notes on your contact's page. You'll never forget meeting notes from a colleague again. Not only will you not forget information from meetings, but you'll never forget to set up a phone meeting as well. With CallApp's call reminder, you can apply a reminder to a specific contact, so you'll never forget to make that important call. Working a junior level position at a firm? This app is the secretary and receptionist you never got.


CallApp 3.0, the newest edition of the app, provides new features that'll make calling a friend or colleague easy, efficient, and effective. CallApp's newest features will change the game. There is nothing else in the market like it. It's in a league of its own.

CallApp 3.0 takes your contact's information and organizes it to best suit your needs. Call your mom everyday? Now you don't have to scroll until you find her. Your favorite contacts are where they should be: at the top of your screen. This makes contacting people so much easier, and is such a timesaver. You'll never have to hear your mom complain that you don't call enough.

Not only that, but your calling experience can also be customized the way you'd like. CallApp allows you to remove the typical solid-colored call screen, and change it to a more engaging background. From a relaxing video of waves crashing on the shore, to adorable puppies playing around, to feeling like you are swimming among the fish in an aquarium, CallApp ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy. Moreover, your call buttons can be customized as well.


The most used feature of your phone – receiving phone calls – just became the ultimate personal and customized experience.

While you're on the call, CallApp's new update will allow you to write multiple notes at once. Speaking to a coworker and need to jot down the time for your next meeting? You can now do that while on the call. Need to summarize what your phone call is about? You can now open a different note and write away. You no longer need to take the time to open a different app or lunge for a pen and post-it. CallApp makes every phone call more efficient. It'll change your work life for the better, and all of your colleagues will be jealous of your newfound organization and extra time.

Finally (for now), CallApp is going dark… literally. CallApp's new and improved dark mode, will not only be easier on your eyes late at night, but will also save your battery life. You no longer need to worry about losing that last bit of power before needing to make that last minute phone call. There are so many moments when your phone dies on you right when you need it. Put on Dark Mode and you don't have to worry about that


The best part? That's just the tip of the iceberg, it's just the first batch of CallApp's newest upgrades and features. CallApp is the most comprehensive caller ID app on Android. Yahoo referred to CallApp as the "largest caller ID app in the United States," and it's pretty clear why.

But the truth is, it's not just the most comprehensive caller ID app, it's one of the most comprehensive apps period. It's a must for your phone. So…what are you waiting for?