Bring Your Phone To Verizon & Get A $250 Prepaid Mastercard

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Verizon is offering up a pretty sweet deal for those that are looking to switch over to Big Red.

Right now, if you switch over to Verizon and bring your own phone, they will give you a $250 prepaid Mastercard.

That is a pretty enticing deal, especially if you were already looking to make the switch over to Verizon.


Verizon does work with most unlocked smartphones that are out there right now, especially since now most unlocked smartphones support all four carriers. So if you bought a Pixel 3 XL from Google, you can bring that over to Verizon and get that $250 Prepaid Mastercard. Which is pretty nice, and could help pay off that phone.

There are many other smartphones that also work with Verizon and are unlocked. Like the Galaxy S10, the new Galaxy Note 10, the LG G8 ThinQ and many more. You can check to make sure that your phone is supported, by checking out Verizon’s website too. You’ll just need to enter in the IMEI number and it’ll let you know whether it’s compatible.

The only caveat with this deal is that you have to bring over your own phone to Verizon, instead of buying a new one. Which for many, that’s not a big deal at all.


On top of all of this, Verizon is also giving you a month of YouTube TV for free. Which is a $50 value.

To get this started, just head over to Verizon’s website and sign up, but make sure you do not pick up a new phone. Once you’ve activated your SIM card, you can go to Verizon’s rebate center and enter the code BYODONLINE. And you’ll need to enter a few more details. Once that is all done, you should get your $250 prepaid Mastercard in the mail in about 30 days.

That’s actually quicker and easier than these things usually are. Prepaid cards usually don’t get to you for a good six to eight weeks. This is mostly to make sure that you don’t back out to take advantage of that deal and then don’t stick with Verizon. But getting it in just 30 days is a really good deal.


Verizon has the best network, so switching to Verizon is a no-brainer.

It also sports some pretty good unlimited plans, going as low as $70 per month with autopay. You’ll pay less per line, the more lines you add. So if you bring over four lines, it’ll be as low as $35 per month and so forth.

You can sign up for Verizon by clicking here, or using the button below.


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