Bose Portable Home Speaker Has Built-In Voice Control & More


Bose has just launched the Portable Home Speaker, a compact cylindrical speaker with an easy-to-use carry handle.

In addition to the functional design it also comes with built-in voice control. That means you can manage some of its functions just by speaking to it so you can avoid getting up off the couch.

The design is also deceptively simple and seems to take some inspiration from Google Home. It even has Google Assistant baked into it.


It also comes with Bluetooth technology to easily connect it to mobile devices, and it has built-in Wi-Fi too.

Digital Assistant Friendly

Google Assistant isn't the only AI-based software inside this little speaker. Bose also integrated Amazon Alexa so users can activate either or both based on their needs.

It's digital assistant friendly and having both inside means it should be able to do more for you. While most smart home stuff works with both piece of software, there are a few things which work with either or.


Using the Bose Portable Home Speaker you won't have to choose. You can use both. Whether it's turning on lights or adjusting the temperature across the home, this speaker can help.

It's The First Smart Speaker From Bose With A Rechargeable Battery

Bose says every single one of its smart speakers offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so those two features are nothing new for Bose. This particular speaker however, is the first to come with a rechargeable battery.

That makes sense given its portability. For it to be portable it would need to have some sort of power source that wouldn't require it to be plugged in.


Sure, Bose could use disposable batteries like AA or AAA, but this would be much less convenient than a rechargeable battery on the inside that you could simply plug in once it needs power.

Music Integration With Two Top Options

This is a Bluetooth speaker so you can play music on it from just about anywhere.

It's also integrated with Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2 though, so you can play music directly from Apple devices or straight from your Spotify library.


If you're within arms reach of the speaker you can also use the controls on the top to manage playback. There is a button for pause/play, enabling and disabling the Bluetooth, muting the mic, adjusting volume, waking the digital assistants, and powering the device on and off.

Bose is selling the speaker for $349 so it's a bit pricey, but it is a Bose speaker so consumers can probably expect excellent audio quality for the cost. It will be available on September 19 in Triple Black or Luxe Silver.