Protect Your Home With The Blink XT2 For Just $80


Amazon has discounted its Blink XT2 smart home security camera. It is now just $79.99. That's good for $20 off of its regular price, making it a really good time to pick one up.

The Blink XT2 is a pretty small camera, in fact it runs off of a tiny disc-watch battery that will last you around two years on a single charge.

It is also a weatherproof camera, allowing you to use it outside as well as inside your home. Making it a really great camera to use outside your home.


Blink XT2 offers up 1080p video, as well as two-way audio. So it's similar to the other cameras on the market that have to stay plugged in, and cost a lot more. But where the Blink XT2 really exceeds is in its size.

Because of its size, you can really hide the Blink XT2 really well. This makes it really easy for protecting your home – both inside and out – without making it obvious that you have cameras around your home.

There is also Alexa support available on the Blink XT2. With Alexa, you'll be able to bring up a live stream from the camera on your TV, if you have a Fire TV. You can also bring it up on an Echo Show device, if you wish.


What really sets the Blink XT2 apart from the competition, aside from the long battery life, is the cloud storage. It's free. Amazon does not charge for cloud storage on the Blink cameras. So you can get unlimited cloud storage included with the Blink XT2, which is pretty impressive. And you can store plenty of clips forever, if you wish.

You can pick up the Blink XT2 from Amazon right now by clicking here. This price likely won't be around for long, so you're going to want to pick one up sooner rather than later.

Blink XT2 - Amazon - $79.99